Sunday, April 1, 2012

Schprummer! The Start of Something Small.

Today will be 90 degrees, they say. I believe it. I've been outside to hang two loads of laundry and it was every bit of 75 at around 9 am. Instead of spring, we have summer! I find this to be a bit ominous, but I'm also afraid to say we haven't had the heat on for two weeks because I'm afraid to jinx it! LOL! Anyhoo, here is the Heart of Gold quilt hanging for a dry -- washed because Bhu decided to puke on it.
The sweetgum trees are going nuts with the reproduction. Every inch of the west side of our yard is covered with these things and my eyes won't stop watering! Actually, I'm having a sight issue today; I think it is a retinal detachment but I refuse to go to the emergency room. It doesn't hurt or anything; just annoying. Tomorrow I'll go to Urgent Care. My health issues ALWAYS occur on the weekend, Saturday to be specific. This means if you go to the ER, they stabilize you and keep you in the hospital until Monday morning when the specialists come to work. Unless, of course, there is blood spurting or bones sticking out of your body.
Work that needs to be done: my favorite quilt is wearing out. Fortunately, I saved a lot of this fabric in anticipation of the repair. A couple of years ago I replaced one whole section of the background. The work is tedious . . . ripping out some very tiny, unregulated long-arm quilting stitches is the worst part. The binding in this section needs to be replaced completely, also. Fun, huh?
Work in progess: the Start of Something Small! These are 5" squares of the "Fandango" line. Love it! I'm thinking of vines and leaves for the border, but we shall see.
Bhu is sleeping, of course, and won't let me take his picture. He seems to be doing okay, except I'm going to have to find out how to "sedate" him for his next grooming appointment. Have you ever had to do this for your kitteh?

Wish me luck at Urgent Care tomorrow! xxoo Patty

UPDATE: Just in case anyone wonders, Urgent Care sent me to the Opthalmology Clinic and I spent four hours there. It's always the same with University Healthcare: a big FAIL. I still have the blurs, but at least I know it's not a retinal detachment or a corneal abrasion.


Ginger Jasper said...

Our weather is out of sinc too this week at the beinning it was very hot and now we have snow forcast for the coming week. Scary stuff. Please be careful with the retina issue because that can be bad if not addressed quickly. Mum just loves the quilts and wishes so much that she could make them. How special they are.. Take care... Hugs GJ x

Nancy said...

We have already discussed the eye problem so I won't address that here. The Heart of Gold quilt is just lovely. I don't think I knew you were working on it. I am sorry to see the wear on the other one. If it is just a matter of rebinding, can you not apply new binding over the old, for a little extra support? I think I saw a rip in the backing but maybe you could just stitch that? That is the one problem with quilts and all the work we put into them - they wear out.

When I attended that show called Something to Keep You Warm (about slave quilts) it was not unusual to see a worn quilt covered with a new top and backing, using the old as extra insulation.

Nancy said...

P.S. Can we see a better photo of your favorite quilt?