Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ides of April

Guess where we live. But at least we have a basement. Bhu does not like the basement. When the sirens go off we have to put him in the pet carrier and keep him in it otherwise he runs up the stairs and sits on the landing at top.
Bhu: I'm not afurraid of no tormatoes! And I will only go into the basement when you are not looking.
Patty: Yes, I know. You like to eat the sweet potato plant and then puke it all up immediately! Bhu, that stuff is poisonous to you! I moved it to the top shelf so you can't get it anymore. Now Bhu has some more problems, but I'll post about them this week. I will need the help of our furrends to provide information or insights. They always come through with the info!


Fuzzy Tales said...

Please be safe. We hope the worst of the storms track away from you.


Stay safe furiends!

The Florida Furkids

Angel and Kirby said...

Well hope all the storms have passed you. All we got was a little rain and it was gone by three in the afternoon.

Sweet Purrfections said...

We're purring that you stay safe from those nasty storms! We hope Uncle Bhu is okay.

Truffle and Brulee