Saturday, March 24, 2012

Wha' Happend?

Patty: Okay, so we have been without internet for some time. It started raining Tuesday and it didn't stop until this morning. Everything is totally SOGGY and very bright GREEN! Dandelions have sprung up in just a few hours. Red buds are bright fuscia and the crabapple is about to do its work and BLOOOOOM!
Bhu: Yes, and I can watch it all right here from my little perch in the window. BTW, birds need more seed, mom.
Patty: Well, everything is easy compared to figuring out why no DSL! I called the "hotline," (the word implies, you know, like you'll get some HELP) and they had me pulling plugs and cables and pushing on/off buttons and watching blinking lights and whatnot and then the phone disconnected and I just put everything back and went off to do a load of laundry (LOVE hanging sheets outside in the spring). When I came back, there it was: our wireless connection returned. What happened? Who the H*** knows!
Bhu: Hey mom, I need more foods.
Patty: Oh, really, Mr. FancyPants??!! How about your behavior yesterday at Josie's? I heard you screaming all the way in the front while I was waiting for you. She tells me you wouldn't let her finish and that she was only able to get your left side done. She EVEN said that we might have to get some "sedatives" for you. What is WRONG wichu?
Bhu: But, mom, she is trying to STEAL MAI FURZ!
Patty: Bhu, you have enough furz for five kittehs. Chill, dude!
Bhu: OK, effurybuddy -- March/April showers bring lotsa flowers.


Katie Isabella said...

I have loved my visit here. I'll be back. xoxoxo YOu guys talk just like we do around here. MOL

Angel and Kirby said...

WE had lots of rain, too! Now we has fresh air coming through the windows!

Bhu, is you only half naked? So, id you are cold, do you lay on that side and lay on the other when you are hot?

Nancy said...

OH sweet Bhu, how your chats with your Mom remind me of my sweet Flash. He was my only dog who talked and was he vocal! I am so glad you and your Mom talk. It is so important. By the way, dear boy, please ask your Mom to show me a full front photo of that gorgeous quilt under which you are hiding. I love the drapes too! Your Mom is making me jealous talking about hanging sheets outside to dry. I would be thrown out if I tried that here in my apartment complex, but it is a scent I truly miss.

Sweet Purrfections said...

Uncle Bhu, you sound like Brulee when she's getting groomed. Mom Paula says you'd think some kitty was getting killed around here the way Brulee screams. MOL

Truffle and Brulee