Monday, February 20, 2012

Purresident's Day

Well, I owe you all a post but I broke the adapter and can't upload my photos. So, close your eyes and imagine:
(a) bright, golden crocus blooming out from under a mulch of dry brown leaves.
(b) rows and clumps of daffodils just about to blossom.
(c) rain barrel and irrigation system installed today by two young urban agriculturists. I'm thinking about dressing them up with hula skirts. Seriously, I've got to figure out a way to "camoflauge" them, although I am really proud of them. Of course, it's probably going to take ten years of "free" water to recoup the cost. LOL
(d) a pile of cute little crafter/gardening/harvest aprons that continues to grow as I still rifle through my stash for interesting print/plaid/stripe combos. I learned something about myself today, too: the more I do something, the worse I get at it. I think I just stop paying attention when it is no longer new and exciting. Most of the people I know who have a similar affliction are men.
(e) gift bags made for Valentine's Day. I think I have perfected the pattern, but quickly losing interest as recently stated.
But I know you are all anxious for a peek at Bhu and here he is! It's a Bhu Valentine, compliments of Ann of Zoolatry (although I tell Bhu it's from Maggy). By the way, Bhu is doing well these days, having taken to his new CRF food. He actually likes it but boy is it STINKY! He also insists on at least one Appetizer, preferably two. One thing the vet gave us that really helped with the transition from Fancy Feast to Royal Canin Renal LP: FortiFlora. These are little packets of probiotics that can be sprinkled on the food.

Hope the next time I post I will have fresh, new photos to share! xxoo Patty & Bhu


Angel and Kirby said...

You had a busy day in the yard. I hate to do the same project over and over!

Bhu, you are so sweet!


Wow, those photos are great :)

Mom breaks things like that all the time.

We love Bhu's Valentine!!

The Florida Furkids

Muddy said...

Those are good imaginings. Glad you had a happy Purresident's Day!


Oh Bhu, you gets sprinkles!!!! whoo hoo!
Our kitlin's love the Royal Canin, but too expensive to have all 15 eat it!


We lost a Furrrend the other day, so did a tribute. I will post Bhu's photos later.

Sweet Purrfections said...

We love the Valentine picture of Uncle Bhu!

Truffle and Brulee