Monday, January 16, 2012

Heart Full of Grace

Bhu has a "new" place to snooze. Actually, in the last fourteen years, I'm sure this has been his favorite place a number of times! He's in a curly mood today. He's also doing a lot of "yakking up." Must have got into something, but I can't figure out what. Usually, it's plastic of some sort; or he gets into the basement foyer and nibbles on the sweet potato plant.

Today I finished the quilt made with the Flora fabrics, but haven't had time to take a photo yet. Also had a major allergic reaction this morning . . . felt like fire ants biting my ankles! I took a niacin tablet (just a B vitamin, right?) but forgot to take the baby aspirin an hour earlier. The doctor sez taking the baby aspirin lessens the Flushing effect of the niacin. Well, naturally, I turned BEET RED and then the fire ants in my pants! EEEYIII! Quickly, I swallowed the baby aspirin and an hour later the flushing and the fire ants subsided. Have you ever?? I also did some research about niacin and the side effects and found that one type of niacin -- the one it seems is most readily available in all grocery stores and pharmacies -- is highly hepatotoxic (damages the liver)! So I spent the day searching the pharmacy and natural foods stores and got the non-prescription formula that I thought would be safest. "Mom, why U take niacin anyway?" My doctor said it might work to lower my bad cholesterol, Bhu. Wonder if it will work.



Everyone is sleeping like that around here these days because it's cold.

The Florida Furkids


Wow! Hope you are back to normal after that reaction! Perhaps more annoyance with the itching, but if it damages your liver, it's certainly more than annoyance! Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease!

Looking forward to seeing a photo your new quilt.

Also love your hand warmers and that cheese cake.... OMG looks to die for. I love Ricotta, you just have to post the recipe!!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

My husband takes niacin and sometimes it is hours later before the flush shows up!

Can't wait to see the quilt! I have completed one, have one ready to quilt and have started another, all since Christmas!

selfsewn@summerfete said...

That sounds pretty awful,
have a better weekend, but dont forget the aspirin!!

Harry Spotter said...

Look at all that floofs and furs. Can you spare some, it sure is cold out on the campaign trail. Have a great weekend.