Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The mother of invention

Not quite sure what I was seeing.
It's Bhu and he's snuggled himself into the butt of Sabryin's pants! What are you DOING Bhu??
"I is testin' out this cave fur hibernation."
But that's not a cave! It's a pair of pants!
"So what?! It's soft and cozy and I likes it."
Okay, but it's too early for hibernation, so come on out and have some Fancy Feast.
xxoo Patty

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sweet Land of Liberty

This is a quilt mai mom made because she didn't have a flag on 9/11. This is a day when she gets really sick to her stomach and tells me "Bhu, humans are so mean and societies that don't respect women tend to be the meanest. What is the point of all this hate?" I think she is right because she is a very NICE LADY and all the humans I know are very nice, espeshully if you purr fur them. So why would anybody hate them? I dunno. Do they hate me, too, cuz I am an American Cat? Even if I purr fur them?

Peace on 9/11, Bhu. xxoo Patty

Friday, September 9, 2011

Mo Cats Day!

"Mom, U R such a slacker! September 9 is almost OVER! Acshully, it's already tomorrow for Mr. Puddy!" Okay, okay. I AM a slacker, but you are sure keepin' me busy dishin' out the food day and night here. The cool weather's made you hungry, huh? Anyway, you are MO CAT than I can handle today.

Sorry about being "absent" lately, but we have been a little busy with school starting and stuff happening. Our water line broke and we had to shell out the big Plumber with the Backhoe Bucks for that one! Then the water line under the street broke and I guess that I, as a property tax payer, will ultimately pay for the repair of it as well. Then I just got fed up with doing chores all the time and decided to have some fun, so I started a quilt-as-you-go project using a basket full of 5-1/2" string blocks. I'm sewing four blocks into a larger block and it takes over an hour to do make each block! Since I want to finish a large bed-size quilt before the snow flies, I vowed that I would make one large block every day until they were all done or until I had 42. As of today, I have 24 (I made two today because I couldn't go to work). Of course, once I get the 42 done, I will have to sew each of those together in rows and then sew the rows together before I have a quilt. So, I'm thinking it'll be done mid-October. Photos when I cross the finish line.

So, Bhu, what do you have to say for yourself? "Hope efurryone is (a) not flooded out, (b) not on fire, (c) not shakin', and (d) not blowin' in the wind. Oh, yeah: GETCHER FELINE ON!" Thank you, Bhu. xxoo