Sunday, August 14, 2011

Strike Breaker!

"Mai mom finally relented and started feeding me more Appetizers, so I let her take mai piksher." Gee, thanks so much, Bhu. During the strike, since I couldn't blog or take pictures of Bhu, I decided to make quilts instead and here are some photos. First is a group of UFO Bowtie blocks arranged with a pink sashing and backing: I had LOTS of bowtie blocks, so I made another one with blue sashing and backing. And I finally decided on a border and backing for the Firecracker quilt and finished it. I am going to go back and quilt it some more; it appears to be a little "loose" for my taste. And then yesterday I finally found border and backing fabric for the Broken Crockery top and quilted it; currently sewing on the binding. Now that all these quilts are done, it's okay for at least three of my friends to start having those babies!!

I enjoy these periods of super-productivity. The other day as I was arranging blocks on the "design door" I realized that all my life "play" has always meant working on some project or another. On vacation, I was always building cities in the sand dunes. One summer (I must have been 9 or 10), I decided to start my own lending library (I had a lot of books because I was a voracious reader). I got a date stamp and ink pad and went to the stationery store and bought little pockets and cards like library books used to have in the olden days before computers and bar codes. I think only one or two people actually borrowed books from the Skypants Free Library, but it was fun and kept me busy for a few days! Now I am convinced that the only way I can relax is by artificial inducement, e.g. a Tanqueray Martini with two olives. My lids will get heavy and I will sink back into the chair and that silly Buddha smile spreads across my face and I am at peace. But only for a moment.

xxoo P