Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sickada the Cicadas!!!

"What's all that noise allatime?? Keepin' me awake!"
It's cicadas, Bhu. They are emerging after 13 years! When you were one year old, they went into hiding. Now they are coming back out to mate and then go back into hiding. I don't know if either of us will be here the next time they emerge! I kind of like the murmur, but it really can get a little noisy sometimes. Plus, every time I go outside, they drop from the trees into my hair and get caught.
"They would not get caught in my furs becuz I would EATS THEM!" Yes, I understand they are quite edible, Bhu, although I'm thinking I will pass on the taste test. How about you? "I will stick with Fancy Feast, thanks." Thought so! xxoo

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bad storms rolling through the other day. The sky got really dark, the street lights went on, we had pea-sized hail, and the storms passed through. The sky turned this color.

And not a few minutes later, it was this color.

I had to go to the grocery store this morning and after I brought the groceries into the kitchen, I realized I'd left the door open and THEN I realized I HAD A DOOR! How LUCKY I AM TO HAVE A DOOR!

xxoo Patty

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beggar Bhu

Snif . . .
Lick . . .
nom, nom, nom!
Another little Teddy Bear quilt made from 2"units -- needs a border and quilting.
And another made from 1-1/2" half-square triangles -- also needs a border and quilting.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Some Mother Lore

I've just returned from a quick trip to Facebook, so how can I ignore the fact that it is Mother's Day? I am posting this photo because it seems to be a fairly accurate representation of the relationship I have to my mother and my family, in general. I am the pipsqueak in the lower left, holding her nose and desperately trying to flee . . . it taking two strong adult arms to keep me in position. My mom looks pretty happy. This is "sheepish grin" for my father (looking a little bit like Iggy Pop I'm thinkin'), trying to maintain a sense of humor about his errant daughter. My Aunt Bertie holds Bobby. I know it's Bobby because she really didn't have any hair to speak of until she was well into her threes. The lack of tresses made everybody think she was a boy, so my mother compensated by putting her in dresses as much as possible. You can't get dirty in a dress, you know. But in my mother's logic, it was more important to let people know you were a girl than it was to have kid fun and get dirty.

Rice of Voodoo Cafe posted some interesting and comforting thoughts about her (and other's) mother. I had my mother figured out within a few months and I determined early on that I was going to have to do everything I could, muster all my energy, to keep her from making me completely crazy. As you can tell, I had limited success, and whatever success I've had came mostly because I was eventually able to escape (at least geographically). Each of my siblings has a completely different recollection of our family life; we do not seem to have any common memories. Honestly, I think my mother and father finally found happiness when the children were all grown and gone.

[P.S. I'm really lovin' those little sandals I'm wearing. But, note the bow in the 'do. Ish!]

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Bhu, how you doin? "K. I is contemplatin'." Dare I ask? "I is still real sad about Sweet Praline. If U petz me I will feel better." Okay, I will pet you. xxoo