Monday, April 25, 2011

A most beautiful angel arrived today!

When kittehs pass
there's no delay!
They go to heaven
right away!

xxoo Sweet Praline! Patty & Bhu

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yo, Bunny!

Today it is incidentally Easter. Thirty-plus years ago Poppy, I and our friend Robert sat around the dining room table and painted eggs. We hung them from the chandelier. I saved those eggs because they represent a splendid time in our lives, as does this wonderful copy of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook that Robert gave to me. Last Sunday I was preparing a boneless pork roast with yellow beets, red turnips and onions and halfway through the roasting the oven burst into flames because the element broke in half. We have been without an oven all week because my electric range is seriously "vintage" and they had to order the part. So this week I have been awash in pleasant, warm recollections of Robert.

Yesterday Poppy and I took a class to learn how to make books. It was SO MUCH FUN! Poppy was the only male in the class, as is the case with most of the art classes we take. Can I tell you how lucky, lucky I feel to be with someone whose primary recreational activity is NOT sitting in front of a TV screen watching sports? BLESSEDLY LUCKY! And how lucky to come home and find a scene like this:
Bhu's World. His favorite spot to sleep. "Where U been?" Well, we have learned how to make books today. "But I can't read!" Oh, that's right. I forgot you are the center of the universe! "Why U not take kitteh food preparation class instead?" Hmmmm

Friday, April 15, 2011

Some things

"Furst, there has been too much noize around here! Second, U locks me in the bedroom all day an' I getz lonely and hungrrreee and unhappy! Thurd, that guy keeps calling me THE CAT and plays country music all day on his radio. TOO MUCH NOIZE!"
Well, I'm really sorry about the noise and the lonely time and the incarceration, Bhu. By the end of the day today we should have a better bathroom!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

That was last month

Now it's April and the temperature is 80 degrees and the wind is blowing like March. I thought it would be a good idea to wash quilts and hang them out to dry. We shall see if they dry or fly. Bhu is sleeping, so I won't make him pose for photos, although I will tease you all by telling about the fantastic belleh show he gave this morning! His fur is so soft and silky . . . just heavenly!
This is what I did with the red pinwheels that you have seen previously. It's a little bigger than Teddy Bear size; could be a baby quilt, actually. There's something about the combination of red and light brown that I like, but I always feel it is a bit trite. My sister might like this to use as a table-topper at xmas time.

Couple of other things: (a) Nancy asked me to make it possible for her to get e-mail feeds when I post, so I have made the attempt and, if it works, you're invited to sign up, too (see sidebar to the right, halfway down); and (b) tomorrow Mr. Leeper comes to start the upstairs bathroom demolition and renovation, which we hope will be completed by the end of the week. This also means I'm gonna hafta get up early, which is not my forte. Needless to say, Bhu will be completely freaked, so I have a feeling he and I will be spending lots of time downstairs instead of upstairs. He does NOT like downstairs. Maybe I'll take him to work with me. Hey Bhu, you wanna go to work with me? "Sure. Fiftee dollars an hour for catsultation." Hmmmm.