Thursday, February 17, 2011

Purrfurmance Review: Part 1 (RAGE)

OK, so the day before her purrfurmance review, mai mom TAKES ME TO THE VET!!! At the vet, me is known as "Hannibhu Lechter". Effurybody laffs, but what would U do if U was bein' stuck with needles and poked and mauled??? ECKSACTLEE: bite an' CLAW! Me is VERY good at bitin' and clawin'! (Patty: Which is why they have to use either the noose or the muzzle on him. It's fairly humiliating for me. I've raised a monster.)
Okay, so here we go with the Annual Purrfurmance Review of Pattyskypants. Furst, me is changin' the categories of review cuz me has speshul needs.

Mai mom is very sensitive to mai needs. This year she has prepared speshul gourmay chicken and liver pate fur me and gives me treats of butter, mayonnaise and olives. She also gives me Appetizer efurry day. She makes sure Poppy cleans the litter box and fills it with The World's Best Cat Litter (which she says is made just fur me!). She made a "fort" fur me in the bedroom window so me can watches boids and sqwurrels without bein' distracted.

There is just not enuff BUGS around here to keep me busy! There is NO bugs at ALL between Catober and March! It is really boring. More Bugs, pleeze!

PURROMETER: The affurage score here would be 3 paws, as follows.

SCRITCHES: 4 paws. Mai mom gives the BEST head and ear scritches effur!
GROOMING: 3 paws. Me don't laik the noose cuz it keeps me from bein' able to bite and scratch. Afturr all, if me wasn't sposed to bite an' scratch, why would me has claws and fangs?????? Huh??????
LITTERBOX: 2+ paws. It's not entirely her fault; sometimes Poppy furgets and she doesn't follow-up.
Okay, so ofurrall, me gives mai mom a 4 plus paws. Me luvs U mommy! xxoo

Mommy luvs U 2, HanniBhu! xxoo Patty


Sweet Praline said...

The vet the day before the purrfurmance review??? Your mom is brave!

I love the first picture of you.

I hope everything was okay at the vet.

Ginger Jasper said...

Aw not the dreaded vet but at least you know your mum did that for your own good and you gave her good marks. You mum loves you and so do I.. Hugs GJ xx

Angel and Kirby said...

Bhu, you are so sweet to your Mom!


Good thing you didn't give Vet good marks! That would hurt! Kittehs here want to see a picher of U getting your tempechur takn. Wanna see ur Hannibhu lecter look! hee hee hee.

Anonymous said...

That last picture is great, and Buh doesn't appear to be too Hannibaly and viscious! But the 2 paws only on the catbox cleaning is wrong, it should be at least three paws: pawpaw only forgets on the weekends!

MoMo said...

A good review there! Thanks for visiting. It is cooler now and I am feeling better.

Do come again!

zoolatry said...

Oh yes, you've got one very super dooper special mommy...
aren't you the lucky one! (So is she, says the ZH) And look at these photos... oh my!
You are more handsome with each day.

Nancy said...

Oh, you are a most beautiful boy!bress