Monday, February 28, 2011


In the CATegory "Purrfect Purrformance by a male kitteh" in the documentary "The Pampurred Pet," the winner is . . . BHU!!

"Me would laik to thank the A CAT TO ME and all mai furrends on the blogosphere and espeshully mai mom, without whom this award would not have been possible."
Oh, Bhu, you are so sweet to me. xxoo Patty

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Purrfurmance Review: Part 1 (RAGE)

OK, so the day before her purrfurmance review, mai mom TAKES ME TO THE VET!!! At the vet, me is known as "Hannibhu Lechter". Effurybody laffs, but what would U do if U was bein' stuck with needles and poked and mauled??? ECKSACTLEE: bite an' CLAW! Me is VERY good at bitin' and clawin'! (Patty: Which is why they have to use either the noose or the muzzle on him. It's fairly humiliating for me. I've raised a monster.)
Okay, so here we go with the Annual Purrfurmance Review of Pattyskypants. Furst, me is changin' the categories of review cuz me has speshul needs.

Mai mom is very sensitive to mai needs. This year she has prepared speshul gourmay chicken and liver pate fur me and gives me treats of butter, mayonnaise and olives. She also gives me Appetizer efurry day. She makes sure Poppy cleans the litter box and fills it with The World's Best Cat Litter (which she says is made just fur me!). She made a "fort" fur me in the bedroom window so me can watches boids and sqwurrels without bein' distracted.

There is just not enuff BUGS around here to keep me busy! There is NO bugs at ALL between Catober and March! It is really boring. More Bugs, pleeze!

PURROMETER: The affurage score here would be 3 paws, as follows.

SCRITCHES: 4 paws. Mai mom gives the BEST head and ear scritches effur!
GROOMING: 3 paws. Me don't laik the noose cuz it keeps me from bein' able to bite and scratch. Afturr all, if me wasn't sposed to bite an' scratch, why would me has claws and fangs?????? Huh??????
LITTERBOX: 2+ paws. It's not entirely her fault; sometimes Poppy furgets and she doesn't follow-up.
Okay, so ofurrall, me gives mai mom a 4 plus paws. Me luvs U mommy! xxoo

Mommy luvs U 2, HanniBhu! xxoo Patty

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Punxatawny Who?

The blizzard came on Tuesday. Basically,it snowed all day and all night. The wind was gusting to 40 mph, so I put quilts over all the windows that face north and I thought I would need an extra quilt for sleeping, too. This is the one I chose, never before used. There's a myth about the first time you sleep under a new quilt: that the dreams will be amazing and portentious. I can attest to the fact that the dreams were amazing!
Yesterday morning was a bright, clear bitterly cold day with 19" of snow on the ground with five foot drifts! The snow wasn't too deep at the top of the drive, but there was at least 20" at the bottom. We have only one shovel (and I swear to you that I will move to Florida before I buy a second shovel!!!), so we took turns. After three hours, it was done!
Only problem, as you can see, is the snow in the street is 18" high. No way we can get out. No plows are on the way. Are we having cabin fever?

Stay warm honeybuns! xxxoo Patty & Bhu & Sabryin