Friday, December 10, 2010

What's Up Pussycat?

"Who's dat hansom kitteh on da plate?" Why that's YOU Bhu! We sent a photo of you to Janie and she made this plate. Cool, huh? It's too purrity to use, though, so we hang it on the wall.

Life is evolving here at Bhu's house . . . mostly me trying to figure ME out! I realize I am a person who naturally feels comfort in patterns or systems. One only has to watch me hang laundry to know this the case. For every task that has to be performed, I create a process that considers the next step and the goal. Many people do this, consciously or not. In some cases, this creates a bit of artificiality because there is always a "flow chart" in my head as I plod through my day. On the other hand, this "habit" of mine has enabled me to (a) make a living, (b) make quilts, and (c) stay out of jail and maintain a good credit rating [er, at least I THINK it's good]. Knowing this, the transition of full-time wage slave to part-time retiree has provided more time for spontaneity, and this is where I am stuck. Just so you know.

So, Bhu, what's up with you? "Well, me has been following U all over the house when U iz here. Sleepin'. Pukin'. Eatin' and screamin' fer Appetizer. Sheddin' and lickin' mai furs 'til me gets hairballs the size of mackerel!" Yes, I have been noticing this. You have a lot of patterns, too. But you also have access to more pets and lovin' than before. "Uh huh. Me likes that part. prrrrrrrrrrrrr." xxooo Patty


Nancy said...

Sorry I missed your anniversary and Bhu's birthday! It's been a hard year. Miss chatting with you. Are you still working?

Sweet Praline said...

Mom says she can't wait until she can be part-time retired.

Bhu - I just love your plate.

Angel and Kirby said...

The first 6 to 9 months of retirement, I was lost, too. It really does help to have that 'flow chart' in the head. We know Bhu is loving having you home.

Jan's Funny Farm said...

Oh, what a pretty plate.