Friday, December 31, 2010

What's Up With 2011?

Whatcha doin' Bhu? "Me iz watchin' fur nooo yeer to comes." Do you see anything yet? "juss skwurrels an' boids." Well, at least there's no snow! "Yet." Hmmm, you are so right! "U gots any revolutions to make?" Uh, do you mean resolutions? "No, revolutions! U know -- changes that has to be made fur the noo yeer." Okay, I guess that makes sense. Yes, there will be a revolution in the way I do laundry, as I am going to purchase a dryer! I have always been too green to get one, but now arthritis is making it difficult to iron. Also, there will be a revolution in the way I cook in 2011 because I am going to get a new stove! The old one is over 30 years old and only two of the burners are working at this point! And then, finally, there will be a revolution in the way I work in 2011, I hope. Keep your paws crossed for this one, Bhu! There's also going to be a revolution in the UFO population of the house!
Baskets of little thread-saver units taking over my sewing table. Something will have to be done!
Some will be used to create little blocks, like these.
Admittedly, some are quicker to inspire than others, but I'm up to the task!

Finally, Bhu and I hope all our family and furrends will have a prosperous, happy, healthy 2011. "They deserves it!" xxoo Patty & Bhu

Friday, December 24, 2010

R-rated Santa Story

I can never remember a time when I "believed" in Santa Claus. I always knew that the presents came from people but figured they gave the credit to Santa because if you didn't like the present they could blame it on him or you ("You must have been a bad girl this year, Patty. That's why you didn't get that diamond tiara you asked for!") You know that little girl in "Miracle on 34th Street?" Yeah, well that's ME! I would sit on Santa's lap and he would ask me what I wanted and I would tell him, "But my mommy already knows what I want."

My sister Bobby was a Present-Whisperer. Around about October she would sneak through every room of the house searching for and peeking into boxes. By the week before Christmas, she knew what everyone was getting. I guess she didn't believe in Santa, either. But look at her in this picture (if you can get past my HUGE feet! LOL!). This photo must have been taken at my cousin's house (blond girl in the middle holding barely visible doll). Bobby is on the left and you can see how carefully her doll has been perched beside her; she has chosen to portray the doll as a friend. I am holding my doll and her arms are all awry ("Hey, Santa! Let me outta here! This kid has no idea how to treat a doll of my stature!") It is obvious I did not like dolls. Nor did I like the prissy lace collar and petticoat that, by now, my mother was forcing me to wear. Ish.

Anyhoo, we are having a snow incident today, so it is a white christmas, for sure. Hope you all have a good one! Bhu is gonna sleep through this one just like he slept through the last one. xxoo Patty

Thursday, December 16, 2010

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray . . .

. . . but Bhu is on a rug in the kitchen hallway.
"Me likes this rug, mom! Thanks fur makin' it fur me!" My pleasure, Bhu! I have been busy making quilts these days and here is a photo of one I just finished. This is for a couple of Sabryin's friends who are going to have their first baby. Do you think they will like it? "Me likes all ur quilts, mom!" Oh, smoochy smooch smooch, Bhu!
In fact, I like this so much, I decided to make at least one for myself, too. I found another basket of these pinwheels and will set them on point, but I'm not sure about the spacer fabrics. Then, I found three more baskets of these little units and can't wait to start putting them together!

In the meantime, I want to add a couple of blogs to my favorites over on the other side of the page. First, "Advanced Style" has been a real spirit booster for the past year at least. Second is "Notes from the Voodoo Cafe," which inspires me to be ME every day! I hope you'll visit each one and also share with me your favorite blogs! xxoo Patty

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Interesting kitteh gifts for hoomans, compiled by friend Jessie. Also, visit her Etsy store for fantastic collage, cards and other art items featuring kittehs.
I have been working to turn baskets of UFO's into baby quilts. I am having SUCCESS! One is for Sabryin's friends and the other is because I like the one I am making for Sabryin's friends so much, I want one of my own (without the baby, thank you very much!). Now I have my eye on another basket of xmas prints flying geese. What will become of them???

Bhu sleeps on the bed while the wind blows and the temperatures drop thirty degrees. It is winter, after all. I am thinking that, as a human, I am completely flawed. But I make a PERFECT alien! xxoo Patty

Friday, December 10, 2010

What's Up Pussycat?

"Who's dat hansom kitteh on da plate?" Why that's YOU Bhu! We sent a photo of you to Janie and she made this plate. Cool, huh? It's too purrity to use, though, so we hang it on the wall.

Life is evolving here at Bhu's house . . . mostly me trying to figure ME out! I realize I am a person who naturally feels comfort in patterns or systems. One only has to watch me hang laundry to know this the case. For every task that has to be performed, I create a process that considers the next step and the goal. Many people do this, consciously or not. In some cases, this creates a bit of artificiality because there is always a "flow chart" in my head as I plod through my day. On the other hand, this "habit" of mine has enabled me to (a) make a living, (b) make quilts, and (c) stay out of jail and maintain a good credit rating [er, at least I THINK it's good]. Knowing this, the transition of full-time wage slave to part-time retiree has provided more time for spontaneity, and this is where I am stuck. Just so you know.

So, Bhu, what's up with you? "Well, me has been following U all over the house when U iz here. Sleepin'. Pukin'. Eatin' and screamin' fer Appetizer. Sheddin' and lickin' mai furs 'til me gets hairballs the size of mackerel!" Yes, I have been noticing this. You have a lot of patterns, too. But you also have access to more pets and lovin' than before. "Uh huh. Me likes that part. prrrrrrrrrrrrr." xxooo Patty