Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Annifurrsery #10

"Hey, mom! Could U wash mai face? Me gotz dust on it!" Sure, Bhu. I think it only adds to your handsomeness, though. "Me wantsta say Happy Annifurrsery to U and poppy!" Well, thanks, Bhu. We have been married for ten years, but we've been together for 27. "Wow! Twentee Seven is a LONG TIME!" Can't get too much of a good thing, you know!
This summer I tried to sign up for a weaving class, mostly because I wanted to make rugs from fabric scraps. In order to take the class, I had to sign up and wait for the instructor to contact me because spaces were limited and because they wanted to make sure I was really going to put the effort into learning and showing up for each class. So I waited and waited and the day of the class came and no one ever called me. Two weeks later, someone called and asked if I thought I was going to be able to come to the next class, since I'd missed the first two! HUH? So, I took matters into my own hands and decided to teach myself how to weave and make fabric scrap rugs and here is the result of test #1. Whaddya think??
All I did was take 1-1/2" to 2" strips of fabric and fold them around 1" strips of scrap batting. Then I zigzagged down the middle. I wanted to make a 2 ft x 3 ft rug to start, so I cut a foundation and tacked it to the bassement sewing room door. I then pinned the strips across the foundation until it was wide enough. Then I took more 1-1/2 to 2" strips of fabric, folded and zigzagged (no batting fill) and wove them as you can see. It was really difficult to keep the weaving from "shrinking" in the middle because I was fairly intent on having a tight weave. At one point I had to go back and unweave half of what I had done. However, at no point during this process did I ever feel it was tedious. I enjoyed every minute of it. After I had the length, I had to bind it top, bottom and sides. What a fun project!
Another project that is in the final stages of completion is #3 in the series of Amy Butler quilts. For the backing I sewed together 12 fat quarters of Amy fabrics. I'm not really fond of this technique, but I'm tired of buying fabric when I already have enough to clothe an entire village!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week?!? YIKES! xxoo Patty