Saturday, September 18, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here

"Me is not gonna smile fur the camra. Me is eatin' so go away." Well, I just wanted to show everyone your Kitteh Bhuffet! What a lucky one you are to have both Appetizer and BFF Tuna & Bonito Flakes. "Sez U."
Having some fun today working on several quilt and fiber projects. In this photo you can see a pile of melon shapes that are leftovers from a quilt I am currently making using Amy Butler Midwest Modern prints. These will be used as appliques in yet another top, but not sure which of Amy's prints I will use for background. Not a big fan of her latest. May I say I think she is getting a little too "corporate" for my taste. In this photo you can also see what a zealous repurposer I am! I actually save all those little tiny scraps and then sew them onto a backing. Eventually, they will all then be sewed together to make a bag or a bookcover or some other practical yet decorative item.
And then there is the new nine-patch, which I am making for ME!

I'm appalled to see that I haven't been here to visit for over a month! Today is supposed to be a very lucky day for me, so I am going to buy a lottery ticket. Not quite sure why I associate "Luck" with money, but there you go! I know I'm lucky to live in this town where there is always something going on! Today there are two farmer's markets, an art fair, a heritage festival, a Mizzou football game and so much free, live music it would be impossible to see and hear it all! Next month is the Citizen Jane Film Festival, Artrageous Friday, a visit back East, and a weaving course. I started two new careers these past few weeks as well: psychological experiment participant and e-merchant. Soon I will be stocking an Etsy store with vintage items and sewing supplies (fabric, notions, and patterns). You all have a great day now!! xxoo Patty


Sweet Praline said...

Hello Bhu! I've missed you. Is your mom one of those people who don't have time for anything once they retire? MOL

Angel and Kirby said...

That is pretty fabrics by Amy! Our Mom has been making 'plates'. We will try to get her to post them!
Your 9 patch is lovely.

We have missed you Bhu and your mom!

Sabryin's Game Blog said...

Buh iz stuffinz hiz facez!


Yep, today is your lucky day, you won a stuffed cat. LOL

Would you like to win more? Check out what's behind the curtain on my blog. Me thinks Bhu has more food in his dish to share. lol

robert said...

How lovely to hear from you, and mostly about you. Now if only you were to offer a quilt on your ecomm site ... or there were some way to bid on one in a charity raffle (and if there is, pls let me and others know, ideally via Bhu!). I dreamt sometime this year about the quilt styled on a Matisse Jazz piece, my single favorite nonperson image, challenged only by powerful weather, of the Mizzou-Rah days....