Saturday, September 18, 2010

Insert Clever Title Here

"Me is not gonna smile fur the camra. Me is eatin' so go away." Well, I just wanted to show everyone your Kitteh Bhuffet! What a lucky one you are to have both Appetizer and BFF Tuna & Bonito Flakes. "Sez U."
Having some fun today working on several quilt and fiber projects. In this photo you can see a pile of melon shapes that are leftovers from a quilt I am currently making using Amy Butler Midwest Modern prints. These will be used as appliques in yet another top, but not sure which of Amy's prints I will use for background. Not a big fan of her latest. May I say I think she is getting a little too "corporate" for my taste. In this photo you can also see what a zealous repurposer I am! I actually save all those little tiny scraps and then sew them onto a backing. Eventually, they will all then be sewed together to make a bag or a bookcover or some other practical yet decorative item.
And then there is the new nine-patch, which I am making for ME!

I'm appalled to see that I haven't been here to visit for over a month! Today is supposed to be a very lucky day for me, so I am going to buy a lottery ticket. Not quite sure why I associate "Luck" with money, but there you go! I know I'm lucky to live in this town where there is always something going on! Today there are two farmer's markets, an art fair, a heritage festival, a Mizzou football game and so much free, live music it would be impossible to see and hear it all! Next month is the Citizen Jane Film Festival, Artrageous Friday, a visit back East, and a weaving course. I started two new careers these past few weeks as well: psychological experiment participant and e-merchant. Soon I will be stocking an Etsy store with vintage items and sewing supplies (fabric, notions, and patterns). You all have a great day now!! xxoo Patty