Monday, July 5, 2010

Wai U Makes So MUCH NOIZES???

Sorry, Bhu! Fourth of July has some good things and some bad things. You like it when I sing the Star Spangled Banner, right? "Uh huh! And the Kids Bike Parade is always fun, too. But me no likes the BOOM BOOM WORKS!" Well, there are a lot of Americans who think if they're not shooting something, they're not being patriotic. I have no explanation for you. Just hide under the covers with me, K? "Purrrfect."
And now we'd like to introduce our mimosa in bloom!! My bedroom window looks down into the top of this and the blossoms have been attracting so many hummingbirds! The beauty of this is so uplifting, it's difficult to describe! This summer has been good, so far, even though the weather has been too cold, too hot, too rainy at times and sometimes all in the same day!
Our window boxes are looking good, even though I planted them in June! There was a little toad hiding in one for a while, but he has apparently moved on. Bhu especially loves watching "the critters" from the window, perched on his quilt. Aside from all the fun in the garden these days, I have been working part-time and enjoying it, especially the part about the pay check, since I have yet to hear from the University regarding my pension. But I don't want to complain because every day I wake up and look out the window and exclaim "It's a BEAUTIFUL day!" xxoo Patty

P.S. Sabryin took the top two photos with his new Canon Powershot SX120.


The Creek Cats said...

We hid from those boom booms too!!

Sweet Praline said...

I don't like those noise crackers, either! I've missed seeing you Bhu!

Angel and Kirby said...

We hide, too! Lovely tree and flower box


All of us kitties were inside too and covered our earz! Hate boom boom!