Friday, April 9, 2010

Schpringa 2

This is what you think is going to happen when you buy that bag of 10 daffodils at the hardware store. Clue: It's been 20 years since I planted these. They do spread, or "naturalize" as master gardeners might say, but it takes a while. Just like your butt would do after working in an office job for twenty years. The Cotton Candy Redbuds are blooming now! Just LOVE the color!
Here's the collage I created at my first art class in 40 years. It's not finished, but I am very pleased with it. Unfortunately, I just visited my friend Wanda's blog "A Frayed of Fibers" and this doesn't come anywhere near as creative as all her projects. In due time, Wanda. In due time!

Bhu snoozes. He's been having a hard time keeping his food down these days, but he seems pretty healthy and happy. He's even getting used to having me home all day! "Whatevers. U iz more quiet than usual." xxooo Patty



Thanks for the kind words!

I love your collage! Even BHU is a star! He would make good repurpose kitty. Things stick to his fur???

Yeah, I can relate, my butt has spread faster than my daffodils too. So we must have the same variety or the same "jeans". LOL

Angel and Kirby said...

Love the flowers and collage. Hope BHU feels better. soon

Jacqueline said...

Thanks for visiting our blog, we are so excited to make new friends, especially with Bhu; he is a gorgeous boy!...Your art collage is lovely; love the angels and flowers together...We hope Bhu feels better soon...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki


Just posted the answer on my blog:)