Sunday, February 28, 2010

Laundry Bhu

Yep, it's Sunday which means it's laundry and ironing day. Bhu has planted himself on top of a very large pile of pants and shirts "so they don'tz fall down," or so he says! "Some of the rinkels goes away if me lays on these clothes long enough." Hmmm, unfortunately you're right. Also, unfortunately, you,re coating all the clean clothes with a lovely layer of luxurious kitteh fur! "zzzzzzzzzzz."

So, what happened to February???? Whoosh! Here's what I can remember. Annabelle & Zuzu got a new brother! There were earthquakes and snowstorms that wreaked havoc on the planet. We were able to hire someone to replace me at work and the next five days will be my last as fiscal officer for the school(YAY)! Sabryin and I made French Onion soup from scratch yesterday, including the most necessary finishing touch: gruyere melted on crusty baguette! Oh YUM, it was good! We had a mysterious power outage last night for 90 minutes (probably in sympathy for all the 'hoods back East that still have the problem today), but it was fun getting out all the candles and opening the drapes to capture the blue moonlight. Fortunately, it was not a bone-chilling night . . . very mild. We had the True/False Film Festival in town, with thousands of folks from all over the world gathering to watch documentaries and independent films for three days. We discovered a wonderful goat cheese flavored with lavender and fennel ("Purple Haze") and started a new tradition on Friday nights (no dinner; just plates of fruit, cheese, meats and bread/crackers accompanied by wine). I'll invite you along next time, which won't be next Friday but the one after. We ordered some of our seeds and plants for the garden, but I have many more to order. If anyone knows of a good, cheap source for caladium bulbs, please let me know. I want to put some in my window boxes this year. Most of February was filled with unimportant and work-related business so it's just as well it's over.

We have had difficulty visiting blogs lately, and Bhu is very upset with me because he is longing for glimpses of Sweet Praline, Maggy (his valentine), and GJ (his pal). He has heard a rumor about the many valentines Sweet Praline received, but is always resigned to the fact that she is the sweetheart of the Kittehnet and rightly deserves the attention. Bhu, you are so laid back and handsome, I'm surprised you don't have more ladycat admirers. "Don't need more. Maggy's plenty fur me!" Ahhhhh, how sweet! xxoo Patty

Sunday, February 14, 2010

True LUV

"Me gotz a valentine furrum Maggy! She is so purrity and has a BIG HEART! Mom, will U teech me hows to make valentines fur Maggy?"

I will do my best, but I'm not very talented in that area. Sabryin made a beautiful watercolor for me (love, love, love it) and informed me that he is the November 2009 main member 2 Battleboats Plus Tournament Champion! "Wow, do U getz prize??" Just a kiss from Lovee, Bhu.

I was trying to think of romantic/love songs this morning and the one I remember most from my childhood is Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly singing "True Love". I actually still have a 45 rpm of it; wonder if it would play? No doubt it could be downloaded to the ipod. "I give to you and you give to me, love forever true." xxoo Patty

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SooPURR Bole Sunday

"Hey, mom! Does we has enough Fancy Feest Appetizers fur today??" Uh, yes, I think so, Bhu. Are you having a party? "Well, me furgotz to invite mai kitteh furrends, but just in case GJ and Sweet P stops by . . . " Don't worry, Bhu. If we run out, I'll go to the store and get more.

As for mom, she's gonna try to get over her adult-onset agoraphobia and head out to Satin Stitches for the fat quarter sale (10 for $20). Then, chores as usual: laundry, ironing, baking cookies, roasting a chicken and root veggies for dinner and working on Valentine's Day cards. "Ooooh, mom, don't furrget about mai valentine!" Ok, Bhu, I won't. xxoo Patty