Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad Bhu, Bad Bhu, Whatcha Gonna Do . . .

when they come for you! I've always wanted to catch the little booger in the act and here he is on the counter licking a plastic bag. He'd climbed all the way over the counter, across the stovetop, past steaming pots and other dangers too horrible to tell JUST TO LICK THIS BAG!! Oh, and I have video of him actually knawing on the bag, too, officer. Yes, he is guilty! Take him away!
"Nooooo! Leavez me alone! Me just has a little problemz with plastic."
"Maybe you need rehab, Bhu."


Sweet Praline said...

Bhu, my hero! I do the same thing, except I don't jump on the counters and climb across the stove. Be very careful.

I drive my mom crazy licking and chewing on plastic and tape.


What's this about cats and plastic??? Swiffer loves to lick plastic and so does Fritzie! Then there is Zack who likes to just pee on them!!! He's just one sick puppy! lol I think that we could get a PBA group going. (Plastic Bags Anonomys) I also have Gray C. that likes to jump counters and stoves to find the loaf of bread in the "Plastic" wrapper.

BHU did your new years resolution include, taking plastic bags off of your addiction list? No, I didn't think so. This cat house didn't either!

OH BHU, what is with the hammer? Was the plastic that tough that you had to break into it??? I know, it's one of those zip lock bags, isn't it?

Ginger Jasper said...

Bhu mum thought it was only me that did something so silly as to lick plastic.. I lick anything plastic and also do anything to get to it.You be careful though as we dont want you getting burnt.. Hugs GJ xx

Cathi said...

What is the attraction of plastic?? Both our boys will come running from another room if they somehow figure out there's a plastic bag or some packing tape within reach.