Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sunny Spot of Life

Something about the winter light in the house . . . the morning sun pouring in . . . Bhu settling down for a little nap next to the 'puter station. Lovely, sweet moments of life.

Unfortunately, that was yesterday. Today it is raining heartily so it is the perfect Sunday to review applications for a student fiscal assistant position I posted last week. Don't ever let anyone tell you that grammar, punctuation and spelling aren't important -- especially in a resume. Don't start your cover letter thusly: "Hi. My name is Blow MyChance and I saw your ad for an open position." I can see your name there at the bottom of the letter, dude. Don't devote an entire paragraph talking about your years of customer service experience and forget to mention your Excel skills. Oh, and please spell it Excel, not "Exel."

"U R so crit ikal. And U iz makin' too much noize. Me is very good at comunikashun skills and me duz a gurrrate job at house security!" Well, Bhu, the qualifications for the fiscal assistant job are different than for house security jobs. "U should just hire the purrson who is fluffiest." THAT is a VERY good idea!! Thanks, Bhu. You are so adroit and skillful at human relations. "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"


Ginger Jasper said...

I am with you Blu.. MOL Hugs GJ xx

Sweet Praline said...

Floofiest gets my vote, too! Love you!