Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks, or should I say "Gracias?"

This year we were going to have a slightly altered yet traditional turkey dinner: turkey breast instead of a whole turkey. The thing was frozen solid when I bought it, so I followed the directions and let it unfreeze in the fridge for 48 hours. Yesterday, I took it out of the plastic wrap and OMG it was the skankiest looking thing; definitely NOT edible! So, I poked around in the freezer and found these Gorton's fish filets (delish, btw). I also bought pecan tarts and Redi Whip (made with REAL cream!). We shook up the can as directed and pushed on the little white apparatus and out dribbled white stuff. YUK! Next year, I'm making cheeseburgers.
Bhu was happy to have us home. He got lots of pets and generally hung out at his food bowl, hoping a stray biped would treat him up with Temptations. I missed the Macy's parade and tuned in just in time to see the Pomeranian in the dog show. Later in the evening, my dotter called to say she and her friend Amery were on the Parkway driving to Atlantic City for Black Friday. They were going to stay in a hotel and get up at 4 a.m. to be first in line at the Coach outlet. I realize this is the NEW Thanksgiving Holiday, when we are thankful for the discounts. Retailers jerk our chains. I will tell you, though, if a local grocer decided to give 50% discounts on Black Diamond Cheddar starting at 4 a.m. the day after Thanksgiving, I might be there!

NOTE: There has GOT to be a military application for the Deviled Egg Fart, doncha think?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tell me again it's November 23:

Tomatoes still grow in the garden!
Roses bloom as if it was May!
Black Eyed Susan has n't a care in the world! There is also a huge clematis and a few malva blooms. Long ago I built a cold frame; so clever, I was going to have fresh arugula for a holiday salad. Looks like we don't need cold frames here now! I wanted to tell you I got a flu shot the other day and as I was walking out of the building, there was a car parked in front that had written on it "We Love You Aunt Patti!" Wow! Was that for me? Bhu don't care. He sleeps. I can't even find his head to give him a pet! zzzzzzz

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Furrends Furrever!

Goma interviews Bhu on his blog today! They are very good Furrends!

xxoo Patty

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Sunny Spot of Life

Something about the winter light in the house . . . the morning sun pouring in . . . Bhu settling down for a little nap next to the 'puter station. Lovely, sweet moments of life.

Unfortunately, that was yesterday. Today it is raining heartily so it is the perfect Sunday to review applications for a student fiscal assistant position I posted last week. Don't ever let anyone tell you that grammar, punctuation and spelling aren't important -- especially in a resume. Don't start your cover letter thusly: "Hi. My name is Blow MyChance and I saw your ad for an open position." I can see your name there at the bottom of the letter, dude. Don't devote an entire paragraph talking about your years of customer service experience and forget to mention your Excel skills. Oh, and please spell it Excel, not "Exel."

"U R so crit ikal. And U iz makin' too much noize. Me is very good at comunikashun skills and me duz a gurrrate job at house security!" Well, Bhu, the qualifications for the fiscal assistant job are different than for house security jobs. "U should just hire the purrson who is fluffiest." THAT is a VERY good idea!! Thanks, Bhu. You are so adroit and skillful at human relations. "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From Wealth to Poverty: The Tale of a Tree

Sweet Gum Tree has lost most of its leaves and will be naked to the winter winds! Bhu is shedding, too. Are we ready for winter? NO! Papa has a chest cold and he is coughing and hacking and convalescing while reading "The Ascent of Money: A Financial History of the World." I made a big pot of Hot & Sour soup and it seemed to help a bit.

Many things have changed over the past week. The Retirement did not occur. My assistant accepted a different position and is leaving, thereby solving one of my problems but creating two new issues both of which are up to me to solve. So, I am stuck working, not retiring, for another three or four months. Of course, I could always just walk away from it all; unfortunately, I'm too conscientious. "U iz NOT konshee enshus! U iz something else that isn't the same as smart." Well, I've never heard it put quite that way, Bhu, and as usual you just might have a point. "Uh Huh, usually do!"