Saturday, September 5, 2009


"K. So mai mom wants to illustrate wai she thinks me looks like George Clooney. Waddya thinks? Me no thinks his face is furry enough and he gotz no tail or wings on his toes." No, no, see Bhu, it's in the EYES! You have that sweet, sophisticated look that makes people trust you will do them no harm and then you POUNCE on them or bite their nose or scratch their hand. Well, maybe I shouldn't get into that right now.

Rotten Meg remembered I am trying to make life decisions right now. I have made the primary decision and now there are a lot of other little decisions that must follow. I'm an optimizer and I have an elevated capacity for caution. I can't say always but mostly I'm remorseful after being impulsive. Not that I enjoy planning -- I don't! I'm usually in the moment. So, if your head is spinning (What the heck is she talking about????), well, so is mine.

"See what me hasta put ups with? Freaky!"


Sweet Praline said...

Bhu, your eyes are much dreamier than George Clooney! In fact, I love that photo of you - I'm melting as I look at it.

I hope things go well for your mom as she makes those life decisions. My mom says she can be compulsive too and many times regrets those decisions.

Reese =^..^= said...

He looks like George Gloomy next to you.

pughy said...

Your eyes are adorable... Much better than George's..

Hugs GJ xx