Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ekwinox? What?

It's the autumnal equinox . . . the coming of Fall on Tuesday! "Me no wants to fall. Kin I just stay here and sleepz?" Truly, I don't think anyone expects anything else from you, Bhu. By the way, are you ready for Sweet Praline's birthday pajama party? "Oh YAH! How U like THIS pose? Think the ladies will go fur this?? Me wants to show my best feetshurs." Oh, you are gonna be a BIG HIT, Bhu! Just remember to be a gentleman, okay? "K."

The garden has wound down except for the Sweet Potatoes and the Grape Tomatoes. I LOVE Sweet Potato blossoms! So do the bees! Can't wait for the harvest! The weather has been ideal. I always dream of this kind of weather, so cool and clear! For family and furrends who are interested in my health, here is a report. I have yet another script for HBP. So far, so good. I signed up for a personal trainer and water aerobics! The other ladies in the class all have black bathing suits. My suit is bright yellow with big tropical flowers and I have the cutest yellow water shoes. "Well, mom, U iz the wierd one, we all know." So, Bhu, you wanna come with me to water aerobics Monday? "Uh, no thanks." Oh, come on Bhu! The ladies will all love you up and kiss and pet you. "No wants to get wetz." Such a fraidy cat!! xxoo Patty


Sweet Praline said...

I love that pose, Bhu! I'm so glad you are going to make it to my slumber party!

pughy said...

Lovely pose.. Looking good Bhu... Hugs GJ x

DaisyMae Maus said...

Love all of that floof!

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Phsst....Kitteh leavz imortant messagez for Bhu at my momz blog!

Ozark Mountain Cats said...

Thank you for dropping by our almost naked quilting blog. We're sorry dat you're having trouble wif da gout. Our biped used to suffer from it but finally got it straightened out. Tell your Meowmie to get a prescription of Colchine. It actually helps while you're in da middle of a gout attack. Allpuronol is the standard medicine for gout but does nothing for you when you'r in the middle of an attack.

Then tell her to buy a bag of frozen cherries (fresh is better but not available). Eat at least a cup a day. They have a chemical in them (along wif blueberries, black berries) that puts da bitey on dat ole gout.

DO NOT EAT any pork, or turkey products, or dried beans for at least a month after you get better. They are big causes of gout attacks, and then only eat them once a week (if that)

If you need anymore info let us know. Been there, shot da doctor.

Aoise said...

So chilled !