Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm not even sore!

"Where U been?" Well, I just had the first session with my personal trainer, Thomas! "How was it?" It was GREAT! I am not as decrepit as I thought! I actually survived one whole hour of exercising without becoming overly moist and breathless AND I'm not even sore! I enjoyed it. I'm going back tomorrow! I'm really hungry for a cheeseburger, though. "That defeetZ the purrrrpose." As usual, you are correct, Bhu.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Ekwinox? What?

It's the autumnal equinox . . . the coming of Fall on Tuesday! "Me no wants to fall. Kin I just stay here and sleepz?" Truly, I don't think anyone expects anything else from you, Bhu. By the way, are you ready for Sweet Praline's birthday pajama party? "Oh YAH! How U like THIS pose? Think the ladies will go fur this?? Me wants to show my best feetshurs." Oh, you are gonna be a BIG HIT, Bhu! Just remember to be a gentleman, okay? "K."

The garden has wound down except for the Sweet Potatoes and the Grape Tomatoes. I LOVE Sweet Potato blossoms! So do the bees! Can't wait for the harvest! The weather has been ideal. I always dream of this kind of weather, so cool and clear! For family and furrends who are interested in my health, here is a report. I have yet another script for HBP. So far, so good. I signed up for a personal trainer and water aerobics! The other ladies in the class all have black bathing suits. My suit is bright yellow with big tropical flowers and I have the cutest yellow water shoes. "Well, mom, U iz the wierd one, we all know." So, Bhu, you wanna come with me to water aerobics Monday? "Uh, no thanks." Oh, come on Bhu! The ladies will all love you up and kiss and pet you. "No wants to get wetz." Such a fraidy cat!! xxoo Patty

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Too Hurty for Shopping

"Me wants to go to store to getz Fancy Feast, but mom is having another painful gout attack. Come on, Mom! Buckle up!" Sorry, Bhu. I can't work the clutch and the brakes and the gas. "Hmpf! She always haz eksuse!"

Well, otherwise, it is a beautiful Saturday, cool and clear, with a home football game set for 6 p.m. There is a new sound system at the stadium, so I expect we will be treated to all sorts of noise pollution this evening. I'm sorta cranky 'cause of no sleep last night. "SORTA cranky? Me sez U is VERY cranky!" Sorry, Bhu. I'm just in pain. "When the doctor gonna take care of that?" Hmmmmm, apparently never. They don't seem to know what to do, Bhu. I hope you will still love me in my decrepitude. "Ur WHAT?" Nevermind. xxoo Patty

Saturday, September 5, 2009


"K. So mai mom wants to illustrate wai she thinks me looks like George Clooney. Waddya thinks? Me no thinks his face is furry enough and he gotz no tail or wings on his toes." No, no, see Bhu, it's in the EYES! You have that sweet, sophisticated look that makes people trust you will do them no harm and then you POUNCE on them or bite their nose or scratch their hand. Well, maybe I shouldn't get into that right now.

Rotten Meg remembered I am trying to make life decisions right now. I have made the primary decision and now there are a lot of other little decisions that must follow. I'm an optimizer and I have an elevated capacity for caution. I can't say always but mostly I'm remorseful after being impulsive. Not that I enjoy planning -- I don't! I'm usually in the moment. So, if your head is spinning (What the heck is she talking about????), well, so is mine.

"See what me hasta put ups with? Freaky!"