Friday, June 19, 2009

awholelottacatsinboxes Day!

Box size or type doesn't matter! If me can getz butt in there, me goes in.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes, we iz back!

These are the daylily days and these are the daylillies I love the best: Tiger Lily! You know summer is here when these bloom and the lightning bugs suddenly appear, all asparkle in the night yard. Ninety-five percent humidity can't be far away!
Bhu and I have been very hard at work these days. Bhu is doing House Security, as you can see. Here he is pretending to be "sleepy," just to catch any intruder off guard. "Dis iz hard werk!" Yeah, right. At the University, people aren't forced to do things that are practical; all they have to do is come up with theories. Many of our processes are based on theories; most of them don't work. Because of this, our policies and processes change all the time, making it a largely unstable environment for managers. So, the past few weeks have been really frustrating and exhausting for me. "An' me, too,cuz U iz werkin's so much me hasta watch the howse longer!" Poppy, the Brave & Courageous, has been forced to pick up take-out food three nights in a row. This isn't something he really regrets. He likes take-out. I regret it because it's not that healthy, but it is very flavorful!
This week there have been a lot of opportunities for photo-capturing, but slacker that I am forgot to bring her camera. Seriously, I need to get a camera phone! We were happy this week to be able to see the visiting Corless and Ann: what a treat! Then, to close, I'd like to send big hearts & hugs to Roberto, say Happy Birthday to Sachie (who Bhu and I adore), and warn everyone about Jupiter in retrograde (don't make any decisions that affect your material world, including changing jobs, until October 13). OR, go ahead and do it and see what happens. Mucho, mucho xxoo! P