Monday, May 4, 2009

puter schmooter

We has been havin' 'puter problems this weekend, so mom hasn't been able to post. Also, she sez "I am so busy, Bhu, and so tired every night from work, I need to relax." Sure, me can unnerstanz this. Me workz hard every day doin' house security an' it makes me sleepy!

Okay, well, thanks for being so understanding Bhu. I will try to take some photos of you on the job this week so everyone can see you in action! I really like to watch movies to relax. It would be so helpful if efurryone could leave a comment and let me know what their fafurite movies are. xxoo Patty


Sweet Praline said...

We have bunches of favorite movies. I like anything with woofies and kitties in it. Bolt was a lot of fun and we love watching Alvin and the Chimunks! Every once in a while, we do a Harry Potter marathon.

pughy said...

Poor you I know what it is like when mums are tired from work.

Hugs GJ x