Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mai Mom iz the Best!

Thank you mom for all the fancee feest, pets, belley rubs, and bhumobile rides! Me luvs U! xxoo Bhu
Thanks, my little sweetie pie! Me luvs U 2! Reminds me I need to call my daughter and wish her a Happy Mother's Day, as she is one of the best moms I have ever known. She really does give everything to her kids. Plus, she's so smart and gorgeous! I always tell her she was switched at birth and I was the lucky one!
What are these goofy pictures? The east side of my house in March in all its horrible blandness. We had new windows installed and I decided to add shutters and window boxes. These window boxes are a quick-fix; a more permanent addition is planned. We are praying over these plants because I have never done the cocoa liner thing before. If you have advice or anecdotes, please share! xxoo Patty & Bhu


Sweet Praline said...

Happy Mother's Day, Mom Patty.

Be careful with that cocoa liner. I think that's the stuff that is dangerous for pets (I know the cocoa mulch is bad).

pughy said...

I hope you had a lovely mothers day. You look so relaxed on yor bed there.

HUgs GJ xx

Meg said...

oooh, I just got some window boxes like that too! You know, my hanging baskets have always had that cocoa liner and I've always had great success with them, so I bet yours will do great!


OH BOY!! That is very very exciting that you are wearing Goma Pirate tee!! Can you take pictures and send it to me!!!! I wanna see it on you!! Thanks for getting Goma tee!!

yuh dawduh said...

HI MD! thanks for the compliment. luv u! ps...nice windows