Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring at Skypants B&B

Our glorious crabapple tree. Everyday I look for seedlings to pop up out of the ground and am disappointed. Maybe today!

Our carport bird nest is occupied again! Hope you are all having a happy spring! xxoo Patty


The Creek Cats said...

Spring has definitely sprung at the Skypants B&B! Beautiful tree!

pughy said...

Oh what a beautiful tree. what fun to have a nest to watch in your car port I hope it is out of reach.

Hugs Ginger Jasper x

Sweet Praline said...

What a beautiful tree. I usually have baby birds in our little birdhouse on the porch. Mom has placed it where no kitties can get to them.

Have a great spring day.

Lucy Belle said...

What a beautiful tree!! Spring is upon us for a new awakening for sure!

Cat with a garden said...

What a wonderful tree! We have a tiny weeny one in a pot which blooms white. It is called "Evereste".
Yay to Spring!