Sunday, April 5, 2009

Life is Grand Award!

We getz this award from Ginger Jasper, one of my best furrends! Mai mom just LUVS GJ and coos and carries on whenever she sees him. Anyway, the rules for this award are that U has to tell five things that make life grand and give the award to some of ur other furrends. So me gets to go furst an' tell u whut makes mai life grand:

(1) mai mom's pets, belleh rubs and ear scritches; (2) playing with mai Poppy; (3) Fancy Feest; (4) sunny windowsills; (5) boxes!!

So then me gives the awardz to (1) Wanda and all her kittehs at Afrayed of Fibers; (2) Annabelle & Zuzu; (3) Maggy & Zoey; (4) The Whiz; an (5) Green Gracious.


Willo said...

Why thank you! How very kind of you!!!

Meg said...

Thanks for the award Patty (and HELLO from New Joisey)!

needlewings said...

Ah, Thanks Patty and Bhu! Just read it today! I got home from ND Last night after visiting family. Now to get back to the real world!