Saturday, July 19, 2008

SHHHH! Big Secret!

It was a big treat to lunch with Meg yesterday! I shoulda had the brie and apple salad, but I had curried tuna salad instead. Anyway, she asked me if I had any knitting patterns for a big ole sweater jacket and OF COURSE I DO!!! Let's see, what vintage, specifically? Here she is perusing a 1974 issue (obvious because of the crocheted cloche) and in the one below a 1986 issue (obvious because of the permed hair). She's harboring a secret I'm sworn not to tell, but we will get together again next month and I'll take her picture again and by then I might be able to tell the secret.

Steam, steam, steamy day. I'll be working on the Amy Butler quilt top and making zuppa toscana. Bhu is napping and won't let me take his picture right now. xxooo P

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Sweet Praline said...

Oh so sad, I wanted to see a picture of Bhu! I miss you, Bhu.