Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I love NYC

STREET FAIRS! This one for Saint Anthony Abate in Astoria, Queens was captured by Dora Naughton (see her blog at Her report of the event is amusing and there are many more photos that truly capture the whackiness of it all!
These are the REAL thing: sausages and peppers sandwiches! So succulent, so drippy, the most divine flavor! You will never forget it, no matter how long you are held prisoner in the midwest!
No doubt the calzone you get from this stand will be a billion times better than what you can get at Pizza Hut or whatever! Few people who live west of Philadelphia know the true bliss of zeppole but I know no one on the planet who really needs to ever eat a fried oreo. Whatsamattawichu???
Lookit this pitcher of limeade! Can I have like twenty of those shish kebobs, please? Well, I'd better settle down and shake off this NY state of mind. In many ways I wish I was there and in many ways I'm glad I'm not and, truly, there are lots of places way worse than BOCOMO. All I can say is I'm glad I grew up there and have so many wonderful memories. If only I'd been able to get a job as a Rockette, I never would have had to come to this wild country of southern Baptists and evangelists and chaw-spittin' ag majors. The twang alone makes me cringe (STILL, after all this time).

xxooo P


DKN said...

Yay! I'm so glad you liked this post. I can't get enough of these street fairs!!

Meg said...

It's almost kind of fun to throw the twang in there sometimes--if only to freak out my sisters in NJ!! It is permissible though, since they know I do it on purpose. :)