Sunday, May 25, 2008

Garden Party

There was a break in the rain this morning and now I can keep my promise to Gerri. This is what I call the "Ballet Rose;" I forgot its real name. It was knocked about by all the rain yesterday and, being a bit top-heavy to begin with, it's struggling to stand up straight. This is the first landscape rose I ever planted and I am very pleased with it, although it is not a rebloomer and it gets a little scaggy come late July.
Next are the arugula and turnip seedlings. These came up really fast, but we are still waiting for the rainbow chard to peek through the soil! Remember when we first planted the kale and spinach? It's doing very well!
I purchased these siberian iris plants from Christine Gardner at one of her spring plant sales. She leaves them in the ground until you've made the purchase, then she goes to the spot where they grow and digs them up, puts them in a bag and you take them away to plant them in your own garden! Back in the '80s, Christine planted bowling balls in her garden, kind of like the gazing globes we see everywhere now.
Here is the blue window box ready to hang. Love these geraniums, although Mark complains when they're not red. I'm also a big fan of the sweet potato plant! We have two more windowboxes and I don't know what I will put in those (Mark sez: "RED GERANIUMS!").
Finally, one of the Knockout roses out back. Behind are the hollyhocks and to the side you can see a vintage Linda Fernie Jolly Pot. I bought this back in the 70's and eventually the bottom fell off, but I love it so much I kept it and it now lives as Garden Art.

xxoo P


Nancy in Maine said...

Hello my friend. After all the years of hearing about your garden, I finally get to see it. Oh the wonders and joys of the internet. I wish I could be there in person to smell the roses. We won't see the beach roses until mid June but the lupine should be earlier and is so pretty. Want some seeds? Hi to Mark and Bhu too. Nice to see them. See you at the LB.

Gerri said...

Thank you for remembering your promise to take photos of the garden. It's beautiful! Love those Ballet roses and the Iris. I'm a big fan of sweet potato vines and yours looks lovely with the geraniums. Thank you for sharing your garden with me and everyone else. Gerri