Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lunch @ Desk

McDonald's fish sandwich. You know how you bite into this and the fish is all white and delicious and then, as you nibble along, suddenly you hit some of that dark meat that just doesn't look right and you just can't go on? IF you're lucky! If you're NOT lucky, you hit the dark meat first and then you just don't wanna put the thing back in your mouth and you starve. Ugh.
I took this last night because I was afraid the storms would knock all the gorgeous flowers off this pair of redbuds. Doncha think we should rename this tree "Cotton Candy Pink Tree?" Yes, who can I call about that?

New weight loss plan: McDonald's Dark Fish Fillet Sandwich Diet, recommended by Fatty Patty. Cotton Candy Kisses to ALL! xxoo P

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Sabryin's Game Blog said...

You could petition the International Botanical Society or something to change the name of the "Redbud"...that is actually pink!