Thursday, March 27, 2008

Open that Bud for me, baby!

This is the part I love! Yard is FILLED with these . . . just about to pop open. Of course, there's a chance of snow tomorrow -- typical! Can someone tell me how the Madonna lilies migrate? They're never in the same place year to year. It's those nasty squirrels, isn't it! Delight, delight! xxoo P

PS. Special treat in my e-mail box this morning: 15% off temptation from Fat Quarter Shoppe. Posh, here I come!


quiltdoggie said...

Too Funny! Another Patrice . . . . we are few and far between, aren't we??! Hilarious that you zoned out with my comment on Susan's blog, too funny! Well . . . .I'm not a Jersey Girl, though . . . . we live in CT now, BUT all my kids were born in Jersey, but that was alota years ago. . . . so nice to meet you :)

Patty said...

The Pleasure is ALL MINE! Y'all come back! xxoo P