Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kyle's Quilt Phase II

Do I need to explain? NAH! I'm working on Phase III today and I will try to have enough of it done to have a photo tomorrow. I think this is looking good and welcome comments and suggestions.
Mark has always wanted to have pancakes for breakfast and I could never seem to make them properly so he has been forced to go to IHop to get his pancake fixes. The other day he decided to fulfill HIS lifelong dream of having a pancake griddle and today he made four beautiful, perfect pancakes (and a couple of eggs for me)! This thing cost $20 (which is about the price of three IHop breakfasts), works great, cleans up fast --not a bad thing!

Jenna commented that she'd like the instructions for making MC&C and I would be happy to share with her personally (just send me your e-mail address) or for everyone via a tutorial. Leave a comment, let me know. In the meantime, syruppy kissses & sticky hugs to you! xxoo P

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