Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy E-Oster, Frosty!

Phase III done. It now measures 72 x 72. Now, I can add 12" to the "length" by (a) adding another row of blocks, or (b) adding a 6" border on "top" and "bottom" with a narrower border on the "sides." Whaddya think? If I add another row of blocks, I won't add a border. Now, if I had EQ, this would have been all figured out before I made a stitch. I think of EQ as "creationism"; my kinda quiltmaking is more evolutionary.

It's been snowing all day, but it's not sticking. My evil twin (Pitty) thinks it would be fun to make a snowman (Frosty) on Easter. My goofy neighbor is fiddling once again with one of his numerous antique BMWs. Or is that my goofy twin and evil neighbor? Uh, dunno.

Easter dinner today was a BK Whopper, Mark's treat. I would have liked to have Shakespeare's pizza, but it's closed (SLACKERS!).

Bad memory confession: When I was a kid I LOVED peeps. I used to pop 'em whole right into my little gluttonous mouth. Later, I would have a violent peep puke, and that is what I remember most about Easter. Toodles, Turtles! xxoo psp


Jeanne said...

I think I may add another round of blocks. It would end the dark round in a point. It is a wonderful top so far. Keep stitching.

Sabryin` said...

Wow, I never had a Peep, but one time I had some great salad with brewer's yeast on it at an Easter Picnic...back in my almost-joined-a-cult days. I don't think I will try any Peeps now...considering what they did to you!

Gerri said...

Never had a Peep? I can't believe it. Go ahead - try ONE - it can't hurt and at least you'll know for yourself what millions of people look forward to every spring! I, personally don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm a chocolate kinda gal! As for Kyle's quilt, Patty, I think you would be better off adding the borders. If you add one more row of blocks, that row will end on a point, won't it? But the other three sides won't. You would have to add an additonal row to each side. Yikes - that would be so much more work and make a much larger quilt.