Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Eleanor 911!

This is what greeted me when I got home from work yesterday! Daffodils trying to peep out of the leaf mulch. Mark and I were supposed to sit down and plan the garden last night, but instead I hauled my lazy ass down to the sewing lair and cut squares for Josie's quilt. YES, I KNOW Bhu's appointment is less than 24 hours away and this is the sum total effort so far! YIKES! Since I'm
maxed out on vacation, I'm going to take off this afternoon and try to finish it. May I also pause to give thanks for no snow, no ice, no wind yesterday and for the abundant sunshine today!
This is my windowbox at work. Some time in April, I'll take them home where they will enjoy spring, summer and fall until the first frost and then they come back here. Note my goofy planter "cozy." Toodles 'til later! xxoo psp

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Meg said...

Hi Patty--as always it's wonderful to see your posts! Anyway, I know it's sad to see the daffodils poking up already, but that picture you posted is really interesting! The leaves look nearly purple on my screen. The shoots are almost camouflaged, but once you see them it starts to look like art. Love it.