Thursday, February 14, 2008

V-Day 2008

I'm sick as a dog, I've been blowing my nose so much that the skin on my face is all rubbed off and crusty and I'm breathing through my mouth because of aforementioned nose-blowing BUT it's V-Day and Mark made me this super-cute, colorful V-card. Thank you, Lovee!!!

When Kyle was still a tot, I made this quilt for him and he said, "Hearts mean love." They do indeed. We have lots of hearts in our house. I really like the Kalico Kitty pattern.

Josiah Leming was eliminated from American Idol last night, so now there is no reason to watch that show anymore. Josiah was judged to be "too confident for his own good." What the FingH does THAT mean? There's not one finalist who has an ounce of originality; they all sound like amateur versions of someone else. But then I give American Idol too much credit. They are, after all, searching for someone to SING other people's songs and make money selling the cd's. Now you ask, "Patty, why do you even CARE what happens on American Idol?" Well, I don't. But I do care about Josiah and it's interesting how I got sucked in. Josiah has the gift of originality and the presence of an artist and he believes so much in his craft that he lives in his car. Or at least that is what I have bought and believe. And so it was with full heartbreak that I watched the sobbing Josiah turn his back to the American Idol camera and walk into the California sunset. I wish he would have just turned around and flipped the bird and screamed "SO WHAT! I can sing, I can write songs and Patty Skypants is transfixed while she is watching me perform. Who needs YOU JERKS!" Yea, baby! Wish I could send him a quilt!

Well, I hope everyone is feeling the love today, whether it be from friends, family, lovers, listeners, readers, watchers, fans of any kind. Big sloppy smootches to ALL! P

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