Thursday, February 21, 2008

Iron These

Sorry, that's "IRONIES". I am home sick again! I'm really tired of this! SO glad I have few deadlines this week! As I fulfill my responsibilities of temporary homemaker today, I find a pair of socks on the bed with a GAPING hole in the heel!! I shouldn't tell everyone in the universe about this, I guess, but this is a typical pattern of wear for Mark's socks. As you can see, I have darned these at least once before. I am so frugal that I actually DARN SOCKS! Has anyone done this since medieval times? In any case, the IRONY here is the darning tool I use: it's a $150 art glass paperweight. How many pairs of socks can you buy with $150? Also, the yarn I use for darning costs about $9/skein. Of course, one skein will darn a whole lotta socks. Don't laugh so hard or you'll pee your pants.

Being home all day with the likes of my medieval habits is not made better by the "winter mixture" falling right now. How do you know if it's ice, sleet or snow?? Ice and Sleet are LOUD! Ironically, it sounds much like palm fronds smacking against each other when the wind blows on the beaches of Florida, an image that might bring forth feelings of warmth.

Cuddle up! xxoo p


Jeanne said...

Get well soon, Patty! It's no fun being sick.

Anonymous said...

lovely, P. i especially was amazed to see the gray in that effortful husband. but the quilts look every bi as joyous and colorful as those i loved so many years ago (ah, the Matisse cutout!). yours greets me every morning as it covers the chest of drawers next to which perches the coffee tins ... and not being in the clock-coffee/convenience-over-fresh-filter-filling U S of A, i have to assemble it ... and can relish the tiny squares and colors of your work.

Miss you. with the dollar what it is, I give up on even mentioning your visiting, but it has been so many years ... at least this blog will make me feel closer again. And i do miss seeing the first flowers amid snow and all the other great weather (four seasons! sometimes in the same day!) ... and especially fresh coffee in your warm home while watching the nastier seasons play havoc outside.