Monday, February 11, 2008

The Girl Can't Help It!

These are the two mid-section pieces of the thread-saver pinwheel quilt. It takes a LOT of sewing to make a top from 4" blocks! Next course of action is choosing a backing, making the sandwiches and quilting each section, then putting them together. Or, I just might decide to go ahead and put the whole top together and quilt it, although that sure makes the shoulders sore! But, OH NO!! There were left-overs! This happens more often than not. Then, of course, I don't seem to be able to get into the homestretch with one quilt before I am starting the next and I have chosen this basket of UFO flying geese as my next project.So here we go again! I've got at least eight more baskets of threadsaver blocks, some as small as 2 x 2. It's gonna be an adventure!!

Plus, I'm working on Valentine's day stuff and thinking about making these neat little origami seed packets. I'll scan the directions and add them to the sidebar, if anyone is interested. Last year when Karlene came to Bob Dyer's funeral, we went downtown for lunch before taking her to the airport. We stopped in Bluestem and found a huge basket of these the partners had made as kind of a vernal equinox "giftie" for their customers. They are very easy to make and I can see their usefullness going beyond the storing of seeds. For instance, one of these would make a cute container for a pair of earrings, necklace, ring, promisory note, paper currency, etc. That's a twig keeping the packet closed and Lord knows I have plenty of those in my yard now, thanks to several very windy days!

It's going to be another wild weather day!!! Unfortunately, Dr. Skypants' Prescription Hot & Sour Soup did NOT cure the cold, so Mark has to go to the clinic this morning to get a z-pack (poor baby). We're both home with a sick day, so I will get more quilting done!! kiss, kiss my lovelies P

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