Saturday, February 2, 2008

Clintons, Clintons Everywhere!

Monday we had Chelsea, today we get Bill. Bill was here back in --what year was it when he last ran for president? He made a special trip to a BBQ restaurant, which closed down a little bit later. Aside from that, worked on the Adopt-a-Spot blog this morning, adding lists and a slideshow of the plants we would like to have. Paulette and I are hoping it will generate some interest among the neighbors.
Looking at these photos I realize I really need a new camera! Anyway, what we have here is the little corner of the threadsaver pinwheels quilt I am making this weekend, featuring the basket of pinwheels -- you can see I have plenty for a good size top. And here's my sweetie pie Bhu, atop the new quilt (that's the backing, of course). The top is actually a red/green/gold holiday quilt. I dislike Christmas quilts, but I had a lot of threadsaver pinwheels left over from another project and some orphan star blocks and voila! I sent it away to Linda Davis who does machine quilting cheaply, fast and reliably ( Actually, I mailed the quilt on 12/26 and it was returned the second week of January. Can you believe it? I have been sending my queen and king-size quilts to her for many years and I USE my quilts and I machine wash them. Her quilting is sturdy enough for this and did I say it was cheap? I recommend her highly, unless you are what Mark Lipinski ( calls a "quiltzilla," in which case you don't want to know what I think anyway, so don't listen to me. Toodles! xxoo p


The Calico Cat said...

pretty kitty & pretty pinwheel quilt!

Catherine said...

The kitty is absolutely gorgeous -- and your pinwheels look super!

Regina said...


Thanks for the link to Linda's site the quilting stitch!!

I am a "topper" and am excited to give her quilting a try.