Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinatown's Gail Shen Closes

Gail died of cancer last week when the big winds came through. Her obits call her a "local icon," but she was actually imported from San Luis Obispo. Everybody didn't know her but everybody loved her because of Chinatown, where you could be a child! The city is much less colorful without her and I'm sorry that she is gone. Gail jingled when she walked by, always loaded down with an assortment of trinkets from her shop. Her "key chains" were frantic arrangements of little plastic animals and beads and boas and whatnot!

So many cool people are dying young and, frankly, it just makes me worry who will be my roommates at the nursing home when the time comes. Crotchety old people who led safe, healthy lives? What kind of interesting stories would people like THAT have to tell? I don't want to be locked up with folks who have nothing to talk about but their grandchildren, who have never had any adventures (vacations and cruise ships don't count as adventures), or dared or glared or stood high and hollered!! Everybody needs a Patty in their world, even me.

Then here's a warning: Valentine's Day is a comin'! I love handmade cards and here's one Mark made for me some years back. I wanted to get it framed, but I haven't been able to find it; so glad I have this photo!! xxoo p

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