Thursday, January 31, 2008

Who's the Rhoda?

It's 6:32 am and already I can tell it's going to be an interesting day. Mark brought me coffee at 5 a.m. and we hustled around packing things we forgot last night. At one point I realized I was still wearing my Breathe Easy strip! Real romantic (and very Rhoda-like). The bus comes at 6 and off he goes into the wild Missouri weather (yes, we are expecting snow today). Then I sit down at the computer and write a couple of work e-mails and read about Britney Spears being taken to the hospital 19 minutes ago. Ultimately, I sashay over to the blogs and find my name on Mark Lipinski's under the "Friend or Foe" banner ( So THAT's what Labels are for!!! LOL

Someone apparently visited my humble blog and saw my Rhoda comment and -- can you believe it? -- DIDN'T GET THE REFERENCE! Ish! That's kind of like not knowing what a Moonstruck Martini is. Or what "May The Force Be with You." means. Nevertheless, if anyone ever comes back to see what it means, here ya go.

"Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion," 1995, starring Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino. Watch it: laugh, cry, bellow, groan and at one point you get to the scene where they are driving along the dusty, deserty highway and begin arguing about who's the Rhoda and who's the Mary in their relationship. They are referring, of course, to the Mary Tyler Moore Show, on which the character Rhoda debutted. Maybe you have to be a (wo)man who grew up in the 60's to understand the Mary character, who was obsessed with perfection but nevertheless plagued by imperfection . . . always nervous, insecure, but still "pretty" and well put-together with a nice body. Rhoda, on the other hand, is earthy, neurotic and has low expectations but is still filled with hope. She vainly tries to help Mary, but she is considered to be less "pretty" with big hips and a decidedly ethnic appearance. In my opinion, without Rhoda, Mary just blends into the wallpaper. Rhoda is Mary's lifeboat, her anchor . . . loyal, compassionate, solid. When I watch that scene in the movie, I feel it is silly to want to be The Mary, that The Rhoda is the more admirable character, but we're talking about Romy and Michelle, for whom the superficial identifiers are elusive and, therefore, of greatest importance at that moment in their lives. I know few people who embrace "anonymity."

So, my comment is not a compliment nor is it a criticism; not positive nor negative. It's an imagining . . . like hmmmm. As for the Mark Lipinski blog, the photo taken at the Chinese place in Mendham is super cute!! My daughter lives in Mendham Township, and I think that's where they get their take-out. I've never heard loud praise about the food, but whaddya expect? Gotta go to The City to get good Chinese.

Mark L and All De Little Pickles, I love your philosophy about quilting and your personal fearlessness and I'm seriously ill-equipped for "Foe-dom." Carry on, do your thing and pardon me if I peek in every once in a while.

Jeez, now I have to get ready for work. The sky is a peachy pink with lavender. What is that saying: "Red sky at dawning, sailor take warning." Snow's a comin'! Kiss, kiss P
P.S. It's Skypants -- one word.

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