Saturday, January 12, 2008

Rear View Mirror

So I have become the sort of person who learns about people and events from the newspaper. Today, an article about Cindy Mustard reminded me of her father, George Miller. He was on the Board at Columbia College and I was the president's assistant. He was the only board member with composure, if anyone even knows what that means these days. He'd been educated at Le Rosey and was, therefore, in possession of a bit more culture than the other local yokels who served on the board. People need to know (and most of my age do) that to serve on a board requires nothing more than a hefty bank account (or the promise thereof); neither knowledge nor culture are criteria for eligibility.

George had this long, low white convertible that he drove well into the 80's; it had to have been either 50's or 60's vintage. He had a "girlfriend" who worked at the college. Ruth Price was the Director of Financial Aid, had bright, bleached blond hair and was quite petite. He would pull up into the circle drive in front of the administration building and honk outside her office window, signifying lunch time. It wasn't every day, of course, but it was so cute. They would drive off with the top down in spring/summer/fall and Ruth would be wearing a pretty silk scarf over her bouffant hairdo.

Cindy looks just like George. She seems to have inherited her father's composure. She is a sixth-generation townie and represents her family well, not like the horribly thin, vain evening-gown-clad socialites whose photos constantly assault us in the local (yokel) media. She gives to the community, just like George, but does much more for the needy. She's quite a hero to me.

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Sabryin's Game Blog said...

Excellent! What if the lazy husband sues for defamation of character? Wait, I am lazy! I don't have a case!