Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Poet Laureate

Yesterday, I read in the paper that the Governor had named Missouri's first Poet Laureate and he chose Walter Bargen. I've only been to Walter's house in the woods once, before he'd finished building it. He'd invited us to a party, but I can't remember if it was for a birthday or some other occasion. Corless was there and brought her guitar, but for a while we sat on the hill and sang '50s angel songs: Johnny Angel, Earth Angel, Angel Baby, etc. Since the house hadn't been finished yet, there was only an outhouse. Unfortunately, I was born an urban chick so just the thought of using an outhouse filled me with dread and I went home as soon as the urge became apparent.

Walter's poetry is not bad, so try it if you are inclined. I'm including the url that lists his books, one of which was printed by my friend Karlene Gentile, and a url where you can hear him read four of the poems. I like what I've read of my friend Mike Naughton's poetry, but I haven't seen it all and he is not published (yet).
(Hear him read four of his poems at this site)

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