Sunday, May 15, 2016

May I?

The Meister himself on the quilt prior to the puking incident.  Does he look a little smug?  Was it premeditated?
I was reflecting this morning on how much I love the quilts I've made.  Bhu puked on the bed last night, so the top quilt went right into the washer and I hung it outside this morning.  Standing back by the garden and looking at that quilt on the line . . . it's so colorful, so full of energy!  I just feel so lucky to have pursued my interest in making quilts back when it was a dying art and there wasn't a huge billion dollar industry to support it like there is now.  There was barely a yard of 100% cotton much less an entire kit of fabric cut and ready to be sewed!  Anyone remember those days? No charm packs, no layer cakes and definitely no jelly rolls!!  
The quilt hanging on the line along with a few clothing items that caught part of the action. 
Close-up of the clean quilt, ready to go back on the bed. 
Bhu is doing well.  He had a lot of mats on his legs and belly, so we had to take him to the University Vet Clinic for a little grooming, for which he has to be sedated.  Once again, he was true to his reputation:  "extremely aggressive".  It's a fact; it's in his medical record.  His claws were impossibly long, also.  I noticed when he walked across the wood floors it sounded like one of the Khardashian sisters . . . clackity, clackity, clackity.  Only problem is, he is in stage 3 of renal failure and there's just nothing we can do.  Good news is there is no protein in his urine so he doesn't need medication.  

These days Bhu acts his age, I suppose, filling the day with sleeping, wandering around yowling (and getting fairly operatic sometimes), and demanding people time and pets.  He loves to be with both his people but he will still NOT sit on a lap, not if you paid him a million pieces of fresh shrimp!  I know his sight is not as good as it once was and I wonder about his hearing.  But his purring still works.  He's a major purrer. 

Graduation has occurred and the town will be quiet for another three weeks.  It used to be that every summer there would be an influx of more mature students taking graduate courses during the summer, but now everybody takes courses online, so the city really does get a bit quieter until August when everybody comes back.  I like it quiet! 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to summer.  We're having a little cold spell this weekend and had to cover the plants . . . the basil in particular was looking quite ill.   xoxo


Katie Isabella said...

Bhu and mom, my Admiral had mats on her poor tummy and legs and she was long haired like you. She didn't groom much except a bit on the top and tried to be patient while I did all I could to get her free of them. I should have taken her to other than I did for grooming The Vet's office techs were cruel and combed and hurt her till I said STOP! She needed a lion cut; and even if Katie has to be sedated when she's older and matted, she will have one. I have a new vet now so we will see what this one says to do down the road.

I hope Bhu got his claws cut while he was there. The fear of the claws turning in to the pads is there. I always had Admiral's pawdicure done.

The built is gorgeous. I have one. Mother made it for me when I was first married. That was when I was 18, so it's old. It's a star design. I have had it put up for many many year. Unfortunately I had to have it repaired where her stitching broke after all this time.

SO extra glad to see you and Bhu here. XXOO

pilch92 15andmeowing said...

Bhu is gorgeous. The vet probably told you that cats with renal failure get upset tummies, 1/4 of a pepcid pill can help ( check with the vet fist though).That quilt is gorgeous- you are very talented.

Nancy said...

Beautiful quilt but then yours always are - so lovely and full of life. Is this Ocean Waves or Birds in the Air? I never can keep them straight. You do not know how it saddens me to hear of Bhu's slowing down. I feel like I have known him forever and I know only too well how lonely our homes can be without our four-legged friends. He is is so beautiful.