Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Day After

Beautiful graphic by Ann Adamus.  xoxo

Life is so different without Bhu: not so rich, not so fun. But this morning as I was making coffee I looked up out the window and saw big, huge, puffy white snowfluffs! A message from Bhu; he knew how much joy the first snowfall brings to me. He is saying to me, "It's okay mom; I'm good!" 

Reading the comments on yesterday's post, I'm really challenged to find the best words to communicate just how grateful we are for your love and sympathy.  So many of you have gone through this at least once and you know the deep sadness.  I love that we have this community that cares and supports each of its members, human and feline (and canine).  xoxo Patty

Saturday, December 3, 2016

au revoir, doux chaton

We loved him and he loved us.
PATTY:  We had to say au revoir to our sweet kitty this morning, just about an hour ago.  Some of you are very familiar with this particular kind of sadness and grief; it's a heartbreak.  I will miss my bud.

Everything that could possibly be done for him was done, but he was just not going to get well.  There were too many issues.  We were so lucky to live close to a major veterinary hospital where the absolute best state-of-the-art care was given.  We had the chance to spend time with him, give him noms of chicken,  and bid farewell before he proceeded on his journey.

Thank you, furrends, for your purrayers and concern.  It made a difference and we love you!  xoxo

Friday, December 2, 2016

Today: Not So Good

Bhu wants to know "Why you takin' my picture?  Take me home!"

Poor Bhu appears to be tethered on both sides.  He is not having a good day.

Getting lots of attention, but none of it feels good.

Lance, the Vet, holding Bhu while his bedding is being replaced.
PATTY:  I think a picture is worth a thousand words.  Today Bhu is getting a transfusion and if he is not feeling better after that, we don't know.  We visited today and he is just sort of in a stupor, but he did respond to pets and ear scritches.  If you can, please keep him in your heart and purrayers!  xoxo

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

ICU Update

PATTY:  We were able to visit Bhu today and it was quite comforting to be able to see him and touch him.  The ICU is a noisy place and he was the only feline there. 
Bhu in his ICU "Suite".
He has some very impressive medical bling to which he is attached and while we visited he was intently grooming himself.  I guess he knew Poppy was going to take his picture! 

Hooked up to all his medical "bling"
But the story is not so rosey.  Bhu has severe diabetes, severe kidney damage, and certain heart damage of unknown severity.   He will be there for at least two or three more days while they perform additional tests and attempt various treatments.  But, it's only a matter of time.

"Hey, mom, that's some amazing static in your hair!"
We'd like to bring him home, but the doctor tells us if that happens he will need a feeding tube and he will have to wear a collar to keep the tube in place and possibly a cone.  He will need insulin twice a day and who knows what else.  But, in the meantime, we can visit him every day and see how he is progressing.   Bhu is an amazing boy and I wouldn't put it past him to rally and get better. 

Your good wishes help a lot!  Purray if you can; we would do the same for you!  xoxo

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Bhu in ICU Tonight

PATTY:  Bhu hasn't been doing well for the past few days and what was supposed to be just an appointment to get his claws clipped and his mats removed turned into an overnight stay in the ICU!  The vet says he has diabetes and he is in Stage 4 of CRF, plus he developed a heart murmur and that's the reason for the ICU.  He had to have an EKG so they could determine how to treat him without killing him.  Hopefully, we can buy him some more time with us and let me tell you it isn't cheap.  Nevertheless, we love him tons and don't want him to go yet.  I don't think he's ready to go yet, either.
If you have time, please say a little purrayer for him.  I'm sure he's gonna be lonely for us tonight, as we are so lonely for him.  xoxo

P.S.  Pet your cat!! 

Sunday, October 16, 2016


PATTY:  Well, Sab and I are so thrilled to be celebrating this BIG birthday with Bhu!  We love him with all our hearts!  Here are just a few photos of Bhu through the years.  Unfortunately, I lost one of my jump drives that has most of the photos from the first ten years. 

BHU:  Stellar work, Mom! 

In the beginning:  just a little kitteh with a happy future!! 

The Adolescent Bhu was just as confident as he is today!  Quilts make the mancat!

In the spotlight:  in his Purrfessional acting role from As the Paw Turns!

Demonstrating one of his many yoga positions.

His favorite place and constant companion.
BHU:  What a long, strange trip it's been!  The nips on me!!  xoxo

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Catching Up With Bhu!

Howdy!  Just hangin' out with my peeps today!
 PATTY:  Hi, effurryone!  It's hard to believe it is already September! Fall starts this week!  Anyway, it's been a long time since we posted so I thought I would interview Bhu to see what he's been up to lately.  I see he is awake, so let's go for it!  Ahem, so what's up Bhu?

BHU:  Well, my poppy's been home a lot this year and so I've kinda switched over to having him be my primary pet provider.  Not that you're a slacker, but he's more likely to pick me up when I yowl in the hallway.

PATTY:  Yes, let's talk about that a bit.  I remember when no one could keep you from jumping on the beds and the chairs and the counters and you would go just anywhere that was HIGHER.  Now, you stay pretty close to the floor. 

BHU:  True.  These old bones just aren't as resilient anymore.  Hurts to land, so I just stay on the carpeting and when I want to go higher I yowl.  You've heard me, right?

PATTY:  Um, I think they can hear you in Stockholm, frankly.  You're really loud! 

BHU:  Duh, for a reason!  If you responded quicker I'd stop.  When are you gonna catch on??  Poppy gets it . . . just another reason why he is  now my PPP.

PATTY:  Yeah, well you know how I hate to be manipulated.  I have to say I'm very impressed by your repertoire and your vocal range.  I've often thought about recording your "songs"; I think there's at least an album's worth.

BHU:  I am pretty talented in that way.

PATTY:  Let's also delve into your diet.  While you were once a very finicky eater who had favorites and rarely deviated, you have turned into an unpredictable experimenter!  You seem to get bored with your food quickly.  We're running out of choices!

BHU:  I don't see you eating the same thing every day, day after day; why should I?

PATTY:  So, what's a typical day for Bhu?

BHU:  Sleep, eat, pee, poo, get pets.  Sometimes I let you brush me and I'm okay with that now. 

PATTY:  You will be 19 years old in one month.  Are you excited?

BHU:  It is what it is.  Time for a nap!

My new Primary Pet Provider.  He does a good job!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Poison Ivy -- WHY?!?

I'm such a happy-looking plant!  Why do I cause such misery??
 PATTY:  Yes, we have a poison ivy patch in a most difficult place:  the ditch at the edge of our yard.  I won't use toxic chemicals*, so I'm going to use this recipe made from kitchen ingredients:

3 cups vinegar
1/2 cup salt
1 tbsp dish detergent
Mix, spray, repeat in a week

Bhu doesn't have to worry about the poison ivy because he never ventures beyond the walls of this abode, but if your kitteh likes to wander in the open air and you are concerned about what plants (s)he might be cozying up to out there, check out this blog post "Cats and Poison Ivy." 

P.S.  Bhu is sleeping, but I can tell he wants to say "Hi!"
*The over-the-counter brands of weed killer will kill everything, including enormous trees that will cost over a thousand dollars to have professionally removed.  Just sayin'.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

May I?

The Meister himself on the quilt prior to the puking incident.  Does he look a little smug?  Was it premeditated?
I was reflecting this morning on how much I love the quilts I've made.  Bhu puked on the bed last night, so the top quilt went right into the washer and I hung it outside this morning.  Standing back by the garden and looking at that quilt on the line . . . it's so colorful, so full of energy!  I just feel so lucky to have pursued my interest in making quilts back when it was a dying art and there wasn't a huge billion dollar industry to support it like there is now.  There was barely a yard of 100% cotton much less an entire kit of fabric cut and ready to be sewed!  Anyone remember those days? No charm packs, no layer cakes and definitely no jelly rolls!!  
The quilt hanging on the line along with a few clothing items that caught part of the action. 
Close-up of the clean quilt, ready to go back on the bed. 
Bhu is doing well.  He had a lot of mats on his legs and belly, so we had to take him to the University Vet Clinic for a little grooming, for which he has to be sedated.  Once again, he was true to his reputation:  "extremely aggressive".  It's a fact; it's in his medical record.  His claws were impossibly long, also.  I noticed when he walked across the wood floors it sounded like one of the Khardashian sisters . . . clackity, clackity, clackity.  Only problem is, he is in stage 3 of renal failure and there's just nothing we can do.  Good news is there is no protein in his urine so he doesn't need medication.  

These days Bhu acts his age, I suppose, filling the day with sleeping, wandering around yowling (and getting fairly operatic sometimes), and demanding people time and pets.  He loves to be with both his people but he will still NOT sit on a lap, not if you paid him a million pieces of fresh shrimp!  I know his sight is not as good as it once was and I wonder about his hearing.  But his purring still works.  He's a major purrer. 

Graduation has occurred and the town will be quiet for another three weeks.  It used to be that every summer there would be an influx of more mature students taking graduate courses during the summer, but now everybody takes courses online, so the city really does get a bit quieter until August when everybody comes back.  I like it quiet! 

Hope you are all well and looking forward to summer.  We're having a little cold spell this weekend and had to cover the plants . . . the basil in particular was looking quite ill.   xoxo

Monday, January 18, 2016


Efurry day is a purrfect day for a snooze.
PATTY:  Bhu likes hearing about Martin Luther King because he thinks MLK said "Furree at last," a statement purrportedly refurring to equality for felines.

BHU:  Well, not just that but all the other things he said, too.   I think he also said "Pet your cat." 

PATTY:  Ahem, not sure about that but I'm glad we have this day to celebrate his life and be inspired by it. 


Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year's Reservations

New Year, new naps!
BHU:  I gotta buncha reservations for 2016 and here they are:
          I'm not sure mai mom and poppy are gonna pet me enough!
          I'm not sure they will be giving me the variety of noms I need!
          I'm not sure they are gonna come when I call at 3 am for a litter box clean-up!
          I'm not sure I'm gonna be able to jump up on or jump off of the bed this year!

PATTY:  Bhu, let me stop you right there.  It's RESOLUTIONS, not Reservations.  The first day of the new year is a good time to analyze your current situation, determine where you want to be in a year, and then make promises to yourself that will help you get there. 

BHU:  Okay, like maybe one of your "resolutions" would be to blog more?  Ahem.

PATTY:  Maybe we should change the name of the blog to "The NAP Documentary."

BHU:  Say Happy New Year Everyone!

PATTY:  Happy New Year, with no reservations.  :-)