Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wish me luck!

BHU:  Tomorrow morning I'm going back to the Mewniversity to have a "dental purroseejer," whateffur THAT is!  I'm not complaining because I have been feeling much better since the last time I went there.  So, I'm just gonna chill today and let mai mom and poppy feed me and fawn over me and coo in mai ears that I am the most handsome and purritiest boy, etcetera.

PATTY:  While Bhu "chills," I am hoping that the other moms and pops of kittehs who have had dental work will give us some advice or share information about their experiences so we won't be so scared.  Bhu is, after all, a "mature" kitteh and we are doing this not because we think he should have a bright, shiny, photo-opportunity smile.  We are doing it because we want him to have a less painful life.  He will probably have an extraction or two or more.  He's never had very good teeth; I've heard it's a breed thing. 

BHU:  Ahem, could you take this conversation elsewhere?  I'm trying to chill.

PATTY:  Okee dokee, mister.  You're the boss!  Wish us luck, okay!?  xxoo


Angel and Kirby said...

We have not had dental work done. Wishing you good luck.

Fuzzy Tales said...

Purrs from us for an easy procedure and speedy recovery.


Both boys have had dentals: Nicki at 3 years old, 8 extractions. Derry at 3 years old with 9 extractions. Angel Annie, back in Feb 2010, had 3 extractions. She was maybe 9-ish at the time.

Last July Nicki had a straight cleaning, and Derry is due for a cleaning now too.

I can't give advice, because every cat is different. The boys have done fine without so many teeth, though if Bhu has extractions, you don't want to feed dry food for a good week or ten days, to let his mouth heal.

I'd stay away from the Convenia (antibiotic) injection vets like to give--it's intent is for skin infections, anyway. But that's my own personal preference.

I'd also hope your vet doesn't give Metacam. It *can* be given as a one-time dose, but cats lack the liver enzymes to process *any* NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatories) and they are to be used with *extreme* caution.

Fingers crossed all goes well--odds are high that all will be fine.


The Florida Furkids said...

Mom says she always worries too. The only thing she says is we're not allowed to have Ketamine. We Birmans are sensitive to it.

Good luck...we'll be purring for you.

The Florida Furkids

Charliepuss said...

Good luck. I've not had any major dental work, but me mum always worries even when the V-E-T cleans them. You will be fine, but make sure you insist on some really good num num's for at least a week.

Terri said...

Older or sensitive kitties can be given different anesthesia. Our vet likes to do dental cleanings when the gums just start showing some redness. FORLs can be very painful for cats and are the best reason for dental care!