Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"Neurologically Appropriate"

BHU:  According to mai Patient Discharge Instructions, the vet said I "seemed neurologically appropriate."  Don't know what that means, but he also said that my mouth is healing well from the dental procedure, so THAT sounds good, huh?  However, he adds "No further physical exam was performed due to his aggressiveness."  Hey, I was just purrotectin' mai territory, if ya know what I means!

PATTY:  They are just trying to help you and I wish you would coopurrate.  If you had not been so mean, we wouldn't have to take you back in a couple of weeks. 

BHU:  Well, I'm not goin' back.

PATTY:  Sorry, Mister, but you are!  They even sold us a bottle of Feli-way spray to put inside your carrier before we take you there.  Apparently, that will make you more docile.

BHU:  Pffffst!  Doubtful!

PATTY:  So, everyone, just wanted to let you know Bhu is actually doing great after having ten extractions.  Afterward it was very painful for him, as you can imagine, and his fur was just a totally icky mess.  If you have ever had an extraction that required novacaine, you can sympathize.  Suddenly your lips don't work anymore and everything you're aiming at your mouth falls on your chest!  His muff really took a beating!  Anyway, thanks for sticking with us through this.  It was VERY expensive and we would not have done it except that the "Mewniversity" has board-certified anesthesiologists on staff.  That made us more confident that it would be safely and carefully done.  They did good!  Mai Bhu is running around the house like a kitten and his pain is gone! 

xxoo Happy Summer!

Friday, June 14, 2013

It is what it is

PATTY:  Just wanted to give you all an update on Bhu's condition.  We had a bit of a rough time with him this week and had to take him back to the vet because of swelling in his mouth that was preventing him from eating or drinking.  He wants to eat, but it hurts.  Right now he will eat people tuna with lots of tuna juice if I mash it up.  He will also eat a little bit of his Liver & Chicken feast.  Bhu doesn't want to have his photo taken today because his muff is just a matted mess and it is so hard for him to clean up.  You know that kittehs are ALL about the grooming and so he is a bit grumpy because of that.  So we are keeping fingers crossed that there will be steady progress with eating and drinking this weekend!

P.S.  He blames me for his misery. 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I has survived

BHU:  As you can see, mai furz are all sticky and smell weird but I can't make mai tongue work to clean them up!  Effurry once in a while, mai mom or poppy sticks a syringe in mai mouth and that just makes me feel MORE woozy.  I'm not sure what happened, but I'm thinking something's missing! 

PATTY:  This is what's missing . . . Bhu's bewtiful bottom fangs and eight more teeth that were in varying degrees of disease.  The vet said "Yer cat is gonna look like a stoner for a couple of days," and he couldn't be righter!  Bhu's expression resembles that of Sean Penn's in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High."

I am hoping what we paid for this dental extravaganza is worth it for Bhu's quality of life, but it's too early to tell at this point.  We're just glad he made it through the surgery.   Thanks to you who shared information about your experiences with feline dental procedures!!  It enabled us to be a little braver throughout the day as we waited to hear the results.  Now to get through this day:  administering pain meds, worrying about whether he will eat or drink, hovering over the litter box, etc. 


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Wish me luck!

BHU:  Tomorrow morning I'm going back to the Mewniversity to have a "dental purroseejer," whateffur THAT is!  I'm not complaining because I have been feeling much better since the last time I went there.  So, I'm just gonna chill today and let mai mom and poppy feed me and fawn over me and coo in mai ears that I am the most handsome and purritiest boy, etcetera.

PATTY:  While Bhu "chills," I am hoping that the other moms and pops of kittehs who have had dental work will give us some advice or share information about their experiences so we won't be so scared.  Bhu is, after all, a "mature" kitteh and we are doing this not because we think he should have a bright, shiny, photo-opportunity smile.  We are doing it because we want him to have a less painful life.  He will probably have an extraction or two or more.  He's never had very good teeth; I've heard it's a breed thing. 

BHU:  Ahem, could you take this conversation elsewhere?  I'm trying to chill.

PATTY:  Okee dokee, mister.  You're the boss!  Wish us luck, okay!?  xxoo